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Now That's What I Call Minecraft!

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#1 Phantom Trout

Phantom Trout

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Posted June 09 2011 - 08:41 PM

So I was watching the Yogscast today, when a certain mod was being featured. This mod being called "Now That's What I Call Minecraft!". Essentially, it's a collection of 10+ different Minecraft modifications, all merged together to turn Minecraft into a largely adventure based game! It's actually a little hard to explain, so if you're interested at all, I urge you to watch the video that got me interested in it in the first place. He shows off maybe about 20% of the actual changes, but that's still saying a lot:


Interested in trying it out for yourself? Good! First off, you'll want to get a completely new Minecraft folder. Sadly, if you have any mods already installed, you'll have to clear them. Once that's done, just install the regular Minecraft files like usual, and then install the mod using the easy to use .jar that's included (as with any mod, be sure to read the read-me that's included! It'll go into more detail about what is changed, crafting recipes, and trouble shooting for some installation problems if you have any).

Once you have it installed, you should be good to go! If you want to really double up on your adventuring experience though, I'd recommend getting the included pre-generated map that is tailor made for exploring! I'll include an example of what you'll be in store for down below.

Posted Image

I've been playing it for a while, and I can guarantee it's loads of fun! Tons of new things to experience, see, craft, and kill. There's even a ton of new building materials for those of you who are into building elaborate constructs! If you're completely burnt out on Minecraft, I'd definitely recommend giving this a try.

#2 Raziel


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Posted June 09 2011 - 09:32 PM

Looks like fun. Might give it a shot soon.
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Posted June 09 2011 - 09:50 PM

Wow. Just wow.

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Posted June 10 2011 - 12:37 AM

This is the mod you're looking for.

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