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If you are banned


First tip, making a post pretending to be completely innocent, and just having no idea why they were banned, will not work here. The admins discuss all the bans, every one of these people that comes here and asks why, all the admins will know the answer, and in a few cases, even seen a video of it.


If you did something to get yourself banned, then you're just wasting your time by trying to appeal it. "I am really sorry" will not work, of course you are sorry after you got busted, maybe you didn't know an admin was on and are really sorry we actually won't put up with your bullshit?


If someone was mistakenly banned, you can try making a post here, but that is pretty much the only case we unban.


Nobody is banned for breaking a rule they didn't know about, except for racism and blatant hacking/exploits.


Hacking and exploits: You shouldn't need to be told that its not ok to fuck up the game by giving yourself god mode (infinite bonk), or other things of that nature.

Racism: Most of us don't say racist things even in anger, go back to 4chan aids pool server if you disagree.


But jarate through the gates and such, you will get a warning first, then a kick, then a ban.


If you're kicked for something and continue to do that thing, you cant pretend you didn't know you were doing anything wrong when your ass gets banned. Also that means those of you that were worried you would be banned for something you weren't sure is ok, know that you won't be banned without a warning first.

If someone is banned without warning for more minor offenses, then it means we have a loose cannon admin and they will be held accountable.


If an admin asks you to stop something, stop doing it.

If you are kicked, if you decide to come back, and you really don't know why you were kicked, ask why. Then don't do whatever it was you were kicked for. Don't argue that it should be allowed, that is not the place, we simply don't have time, and you'll probably be banned.

I know that sounds harsh, but I think I can speak for all admins when I say we would rather play TF2 than be cops. But as admins, its up to us what is allowed, so show some respect for the people that built this place and do what we say so we can get back to the game. If I have to join spectators so I can sit there and debate the rules, it will only piss me off and brand you as a troublemaker. Troublemakers just don't last here, they surely see this as power tripping, but they should make their own server and see how they deal with people doing things they don't like.


There's few rules, and even if you break one, that's cool, just don't do it again. If you chose to ignore us, or maybe don't believe that person is an admin, they are under orders to kick first. But if you come back after being kicked and still do the same shit, you will be banned. We will all stand behind it, and no amount of whining or apologies will get you unbanned. It is not your server, it is me and the other admin's server.