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Before suggesting a custom map (NO, REALLY! READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!)

Before suggesting a custom map, see if we already have it:


If you are a map maker and are only here to advertise your map and leave, then don't. The only way I'd allow it is if you're asking for a map test, or will come play it with us. This forum does not exist for outsiders to send messages to, its a community where people chat with each other.

We add maps without replying to your topic, so you can just keep an eye on that to see if the map is there. Once its in there, any admin can just set it to the next map.

We do not take suggestions for the mapcycle (the automatic rotation of the maps).

We pretty much add whatever people suggest, unless someone is being stupid and just suggested 20 maps they think might be cool, or if a map is obviously really bad like an unplayable alpha version of a map.
Load up the map on your computer and walk around in it, or better yet, play it on another server and only suggest if its really special and worth trying.
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