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What to post here, and what not to post

What to post:
  • Compliments about the server, something you liked while playing
  • Complaints about how certain issues are handled
  • Things you would like to see

What NOT to post
  • Anything with a negative attitude, you should only post if you want to help us, and want to be part of us. If you're just going to flame, and be immature, we'll just delete your post.
  • Suggest to add a new map, post that in custom maps
  • Ideas already suggested and talked about at length, do a forum search! If you don't have anything new to add to old topics, just don't post.
  • Glitches or Exploit reports. These go in "Private Issues"

Other Tips:

TRY to search the forums to see if what you're about to say has already been suggested. We've been around since TF2 was released, and many of the admins have been running servers since TFC days, around 1998 or so. So I'm not saying we know it all, but we have long formed opinions on it all.
Some subjects, like crits and map voting have been beaten to death, so see those threads, and if you don't have anything new to add, your post will mostly just go ignored.

Next, post a SPECIFIC suggestion. For example, if you post "put more maps in the mapcycle", that does not help. If you want to help, do the work of figuring out what should be added.

Be prepared to have your idea strength tested, and don't be offended if we shred it into a million pieces. Only strong ideas grow up into action.

And most likely, your suggestion has been thought of, especially if it just seems like a no-brainer to you that we should just do. There must be a reason we don't do whatever it is already, and I'll be happy to explain that, but just don't be a offended about your idea being rejected.
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