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  1. I saw this on twitter https://twitter.com/10thcakeday/status/1015097586091462657
  2. ratty

    What is this place?

    bump! we could play TF2 again or something. I can still post to the steam group with 1000 people in it (1/3 of those are online usually) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nomnomnomtf2 I can post events to that and it pops up a thing for everyone. Then just get a game going or something.
  3. ratty

    Oh yeah this game

    I'm Ratty#1302, in case you guys play together or whatever.
  4. ratty

    this spy is an artist!

    Thanks for trying. I guess the internet can forget!
  5. ratty

    this spy is an artist!

    Necrobumping this, I'm trying to find that rat medic picture that Javan made at the top of this thread. I don't have a copy! It was a anthro rat as a medic, holding an ubersaw. It used to be here: http://javan-k.deviantart.com/art/Ratty-the-medic-133245507 but Javan's deviantart page is gone now. Can anyone find it? Tigerman made one too, but I found that one: http://tigerman-exe.deviantart.com/art/Ratty-the-Heavy-133247439
  6. ratty

    Kitty0706 has died

    Sad day. http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2toevo/the_creator_of_team_fabulous_2_and_other/
  7. ratty

    Don't Do It Main Character

    If the villain has escaped from prison 100 times, I think an exception should be made.
  8. ratty

    Mike Tyson Mysteries

    They never did come through on this tease: http://www.adultswim.com/promos/valve/index.html "this ain't the last you'll hear from Adult Swim and Valve" - they probably mean more hats, and not what we actually all hope it means.
  9. ratty


    Time to get a bucket of chicken.
  10. ratty


    Schmoofy needs to get laid.
  11. ratty


    I got to level 8 and stabbed my eyes out from boredom, so now I can't see. Does it get more interesting than questing alone? I tried the group interface but it only has options for pvp, does it open up to allowing pvm grouping later or something? I really want to like this game. Group content is all I am interested in. Even with Wow you can find people to team up to quest in the newbie areas, especially when a game is new. I hope its just a matter of me not knowing where the pvm grouping options were.
  12. ratty


    As I'm sure is the case with everyone else here who has the game, I got an email with 3 guest passes. I have 2 left if anyone who doesn't have the game, wants to try the game for 7 days. It is pretty limited in what you can do though. https://support.wildstar-online.com/entries/63202917
  13. ratty

    Watch Dogs

    I had some fun with the sticky bombs
  14. ratty


    I got a medic named Rattynom. I wanted to be the rodent, but he's in the enemy faction from what you guys picked so I went Human.
  15. ratty


    %appdata%\ncsoft\WildStar is another leet way to get to it. paste that in run menu.