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  1. I'm annoyed that the propaganda contest won the soldiers the war. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I would never have used the boots as demo, where I might actually use them as a soldier.
  2. Yea, every so often. To be honest, nom's gotten a little too crazy for me (I like my game almost vanilla now), and I don't know anyone anymore, and it's scary. :C Couple that with the fact that I'm hesitant to use my mic much since my roommates sleep in the next room in this thin walled apartment. It's kind of hard to click on the nom knowing I'll want to talk but won't do it for "respect" of my roommates. I love that you've achieved the success with the server you deserve, though. I'll have to stop by again, see if I can handle the madness.
  3. My propaganda entry. Text is based off of a quote from Meet the Demoman. I hope it at least gets some points for the Demo side.
  4. The Huntsman is amazing. It can nearly shut down an enemy team at choke points, and it can destroy a defensive position if the sniper is kept well defended. Thank god very few good snipers use it. Of course, the rare, really good snipers can do just as much damage with the sniper rifle, but the difference is that the huntsman does a better job of protecting the user in tight situations. It can pull of amazing shots at extremely close ranges that a sniper rifle could never do (talking point-blank here). Couple it with jarate and the kukri and you've got yourself a loadout for a solid fighter who can hold his own in many situations. I love it, but the hitbox should be tightened up just a bit. I'm glad that there is a viable option for closer-range snipers, though, so I don't think it should be nerfed very much. Better to have a weapon that is a little bit too good than to have one that is useless.
  5. Completely unnecessary buff to the blutsauger (crits). The weapon was stupid good to begin with. It was pretty common to take down soldiers and heavies with the thing. Pyros at medium range didn't stand a chance. I don't get this. Fine if they wanted to leave it as it was. Whatever. But a buff? Bah. I'm probably the only one who thinks this. It's great that they effectively buffed the needlegun, but it's still way worse than the blut, imo. A medic can easily overcome the reduced regen rate by shooting a couple blut needles into the fray when their health is a little low. And in regular combat, it outclasses the needlegun by far. But don't listen to me, I'm just a cranky old man...
  6. I realize updates are not "free," and by no means is it actual generosity (shouldn't have used that word in the previous post) that Valve is displaying by updating their games. But comparatively, L4D2 is an expensive update. It's a hell of a lot "less free" to me, anyway. With continuous updates rather than expansions, I'm getting more enjoyment per game, which means better value per game, which means L4D2 is more expensive to me since I consider it an expansion. And besides, whether or not I'm buying more games from Valve is probably irrelevant to me since I'll be buying a limited number of games per year anyway. Not to mention that, if I put down more money, I get more games, so it's still an "equal" transaction whether I'm buying one game or twenty. The value of a typically updated Valve game is higher than that of a non-updated game. Therefore, I still contend that the expense of the L4D of the series has gone up. But yes, you're right, the updates were never free.
  7. This paragraph from the article might assuage some of your distress. Only some. When they say, "like four-versus-four matchmaking," it makes me think that L4D won't be getting any major content releases (why would there be when they have L4D2 to use as a platform?). Otherwise, they would probably say something along those lines. I don't like that they're making it a "sequel" so soon, but that's coming from someone who's been spoiled by Valve's usual free updates. Like Ratty said, I don't mind that there's a sequel so much; I'm just concerned that the original is most likely going to be ignored for the most part, despite the above quote. And this forces you to pay up for the new content. I know, I know, boo-hoo. But I just never felt the game was worth $50 to begin with, content-wise, so it's kind of insulting to me that they're pushing a "whole new" game for full price (I assume anyway). Of course, if I buy, I'll wait for the price to drop as I did with L4D. I don't want this to come across as a whine post. I'm not really annoyed. I don't feel entitled to anything more than what Valve has offered. It's just not their usual generosity, and I'd always rather get a better deal than a worse one.
  8. I'm pretty sure the item drop system will still be relevant. The idea of randomly dropped rare weapons with slightly different stats has been floating around as a possibility for quite a while now. Since the stats would be balanced -- +X in one aspect means -Y in another -- I don't think it's such a bad idea. Not different enough to be game-breaking, just tweaked a bit. That's where trading would become interesting. Trade those rare weapons that don't suit your play style for ones that do, etc. That said, I'm glad they gave us the milestone alternative. The drop-only system was just aggravating. I still hadn't got a new weapon in the course of regular play.
  9. There's an interesting post on the Steam forums regarding the new item unlocking method. It takes one of Valve's blog posts on the Sniper update and replaces certain words/phrases to apply the exact same logic to the item drop system. Some of it is pretty on, and it shows that Valve didn't even follow their own logic when designing this system. It's not perfect, but it's an interesting critique anyway. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... p?t=879302 Just wanted to share.
  10. I'm guessing it needs it because I'm having consistency errors when trying to join. That, or my update failed.
  11. I'm looking at the options in-game and there's a custom crosshair selection area. Was that there before? Anyone else having trouble connecting to Steam servers (Friend's list, etc.)?
  12. Update notes if Steam website is giving you trouble. Edit: Ninja'd!
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