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  1. Lemming


    There's two of them that I know of. Monkey Face: https://discord.gg/GxM8qMn Channel Teufort: https://discord.gg/N8c9k7D
  2. Lemming


    It's on auto bill. It just happens.
  3. Lemming


    Depends on the ass.
  4. Monkey Face: https://discord.gg/GxM8qMn This one that William Dogood setup. I'm mainly at this one. Channel Teufort: https://discord.gg/thh8UCD
  5. Yeah, I think there have only been a couple posts in the last few months. Things are a lot more active on the couple of discords that have sprung up. I don't have the links to them on hand, but I'll post them after work.
  6. Oh no. Damn you time, must you take all the things we love?
  7. So I got a pass to the Silicon Valley Comic Con. I thought it was last weekend, but I was being lazy and decided not to go. Turns out it's this weekend. I guess I can go now.
  8. The Rick and Morty surprise premiere was fun. Personally, I like the creative stuff rather than straight pranks.
  9. Third party coolers will usually come with thermal paste.
  10. Most important question, what's your budget?
  11. Buying a house sucks. So many things to consider. And even if you find a place you like, there might be someone who likes it with more money and out bids you. So you have to continue looking. I've only started the process and I'm already tired.
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