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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctVmNbVu2KA *edit* how has this thread received two replies but no views?
  2. there was something so sureal and pretty about that vid...then the shark showed up....Horray for England!!!!
  3. really? I switched the teams? AWW MAN! i hope i don't get docked for that
  4. are any of you doing the propaganda poster contest? Here's my entry!
  5. I feel kinda silly doing this but...Lemme introduce you folks to your roots. I should try to get the others to post here too (muffins, william dogood, scare, vipervicious, spooky, etc...) I'm Adriana...pic should be enough description for ya....I hail from Sacramento, CA. I've been playing and admin for a couple of years I think. Game handle is Some Random Chick but you can call me Random or SRC. I'm 27...i know right?! old...lol. I do alot of art in my spare time (furry commissions) to try and pay a few bills. I am NOT a furry. I am actually a black chick. I know I sound like a dude on a game mic. I work in a hospital, I have a BFA from Sacramento State. Please play nice The original admins worked very hard trying to seed this server and keep the reputation of nom high. What you do here, you do for the nom so lets keep the server well ok folks?
  6. Jesus christ finally someone I am not older than. D: I usually write long intros but I wont this time. I'm Nathan, 22, living in Sacramento, CA. 6'6" Red haired white guy (not ginger) who doesn't work on his Masters thesis (graduate school yay). Gay, has boyfriend, furry, procrastinates. Likes some anime, videogames of course, random japanese stuff, cute things. Is sane, can make logical discussion and arguments. Doesn't like pie. <3 I don't think I know you...Sactown hmm? Me too.
  7. millislim


    Good to know where you stand. :shock: Hey, you did make a comment about boobs being like "balls on your chest", remember? oh gah...should have known that would come back around to bite me :shock:
  8. millislim


    Good to know where you stand. :shock:
  9. millislim

    PAX 2009

    probably...i'll be a big blue thing...it'll all make sense when you get there
  10. I'm a furry artist but not a furry myself. As far as the sexual stuff everyone has their kink don't they? Remember when being tied up was SOOOOOOOO kinky...now it's so mild it's practically not worth mentioning. I'd have to say with the amount of Disney much of us ingested as children are furries really a surprise to anyone?
  11. millislim

    PAX 2009

    melf...come talk in the pax thread please...we're trying to get rooms sorted and you seem to be the only one without a place to stay so far
  12. it's "your" on the cup instead of "you're" which would have been the correct spelling
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