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    hmm what's the discord channel?
  2. Trajan

    Overwatch Thread

    It's fun, definitely a reimagining of TF2. My main concern is every game i've been in has been a route, but that is probably a function of all the noobs as much as anything.
  3. Yeah, I got a beta invite too. Oh well, I guess I didn't need to get caught up on my grading...
  4. Moving in a direction is always a good start. Getting into better shape not a bad idea. Applying for jobs, and your future, while you get to a minimum physical shape is also a great way to hedge your bets.
  5. Yeah, and I've got a student who works at GameStop.... and I don't care because they suck balls.
  6. http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-pedobear-comparison-nestle-07202012,0,3945990.story
  7. Dude, my only question, aside from being really impressed with the chasecam.....how the hell do you stop without totally wiping out?
  8. The Jarl's of Whiterun and Riften have similar maps. Minding my business, going through the mage quests up in Winterhold......blam two dragons land in the courtyard....
  9. And there goes my career, my future and my life...
  10. Teach you how to dougie?

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