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  1. Last minute, but we're open to taking Community submitted mapcycles for the rest of the season. Read the post carefully before submitting! We'll handpick only the best, and mapcycles may be subject to minor alteration as needed.
  2. It's a bit last-minute, but we're open to taking mapcycle requests! Mapcycles only in this thread! No gimmick maps please No untested maps - this isn't the place to try something brand new Limit arena maps to 1 maximum Try to keep the mapcycle varied in gameplay types and make it interesting I'll use only the best of submissions until the holidays, when we'll put up a special mapcycle of our own. If we get responses quick, I'll use them as early as next week's cycle. Any discussion of submissions should go in the accompanying discussion thread.
  3. I have to admit I've never had interest in Catherine just because of the box art. But watching this competition was very interesting.
  4. It's lubrication for the hinges!
  5. Map is up on the server.
  6. Where did you find miss Firefox otterwolfy??
  7. Post a link to the map, and I'll load it onto the server. You'll need to grab an admin to switch to it though - or post a time you want to playtest.
  8. Scare

    Happy Halloween

    Yeah, we'll be cycling those in, as well as putting together a big zip for all the non-NotLU customs on this cycle.
  9. Scare

    Happy Halloween

    With tf2mods releasing their Night of the Living Update map pack, we're launching our Halloween Mapcycle a few days earlier than planned. Please download the pack from the link (there's a download all link at the bottom of the page), it's 222MB of halloween goodness! As always, check out the current mapcycle thread for feedback and the maps featured in our mapcycle. When valve releases their Halloween map for this year, we'll sprinkle that into the mapcycle liberally too. Also, do our server a favor and download the mapcycle pack (279MB) and lighten the load from in-game downloading. This pack includes the NotLU maps above, and should help the lag on the server. To install these, unzip them into your tf2 maps folder (steam/steamapps//team fortress 2/tf/maps). Have a happy Halloween!
  10. Scare

    Halloween Maps

    added ctf_boofort_release to the server.
  11. ha, yeah. pretty good spoof. it would've been perfect if he added the overlays too, like manipulators etc.
  12. "This is why we don't ever let a woman make a decision."
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