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  1. We've got a Discord channel we use to arrange games. A lot of us have been taking a break for the last week however, until the update comes out. https://discord.gg/cRWCY
  2. Made a Discord channel for Overwatch, feel free to join and invite anyone. It's not strictly a Nom channel so there's a lot of new and old faces. We're currently in the process of migrating from another channel though so as of this posting, there's only 6 people in it out of about 20 or so from the previous channel. The link doesn't expire, but I'll change it if I have to. https://discord.gg/011u1zN66gz9PyK3D I don't have any rules, just try not to piss anyone off. If things get out of hand then I'll execute with extreme prejudice.
  3. Might get on. I have CleverCouch on my friend list from Jays server but she hasn't been on Steam in about a week. BlueJedi
  4. Shadow Complex from way back on the 360 was just released on PC and is currently available for free. https://www.epicgames.com/shadowcomplex/
  5. Did you only get it for the weekend too? Blizzard screwed me up and I told everyone that everyone was welcome for the weekend beta when they posted this. I felt bad after telling folks and Zetsu gets home and asks how to start playing. https://twitter.com/PlayOverwatch/status/667573375619870720
  6. I just watched that and asked Tomato since you aren't on my friend list. I've been playing all weekend, it's such a fun game. Going to be sad when my time is up tomorrow. 5:35 PM - William Dogood: I don't have Hat on my friendlist, will you ask him if this is him? 5:35 PM - William Dogood: http://puu.sh/lvhNX/ecaebfe06b.jpg 5:35 PM - Tomtaoism [sWF2] is now Online. 5:35 PM - William Dogood: It's in TBs Overwatch video 5:35 PM - William Dogood: https://youtu.be/kP8PtDxxHpU?t=1980 5:36 PM - Tomtaoism [sWF2]: Pretty sure it is. http://forums.nom-nom-nom.us/topic/7321-post-your-random-thoughts/?p=346531 5:36 PM - William Dogood: Ohh, nice
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/372360
  8. Meanwhile the North West is chain breaking record highs for the season.
  9. Not sure if animal balls are NSFW. But try not to look at tthe balls...
  10. On the bright side though, you at least got Steam support to respond!
  11. Looks like healer cats give up the ghost when you reach high rank offline. I don't know just how rare they become, but I ran Sunken Hollow gathering 6 times and saw 4 healers and 2 protections. That certainly isn't a very large sample size, but if that's any indication of how rare "average" is, I would think it's definitely a good idea to get it out of the way before high rank village. Took me about 20 minutes to get those cats too, so it's no big deal.
  12. Naw, not too late at all. I only got it yesterday myself, waiting for my N3DS shipment to arrive.
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