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  1. Free Project Lucie Steam key... https://store.bistudio.com/products/project-lucie
  2. In case you missed it, here is your chance to get your Holiday Bundle for FREE on Uplay PC! https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/event/happy-playdays-2017/#freegame Available from Dec.18th to Dec.23rd... Watch_Dogs Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag World in Conflict ALL FREE!!!
  3. Free Chompy Chomp Chomp Steam key... https://www.indiegala.com/stayingalive#giveaway
  4. Free Layers of Fear Steam key plus soundtrack... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/layers-of-fear-and-soundtrack
  5. Free JumpBall Steam key... https://www.indiegala.com/stayingalive?utm_campaign=giveaway_menu_item#giveaway
  6. Free Company of Heroes 2 Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-of-heroes-2 You have just under 48 hours to own it.
  7. Free Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on Uplay... https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/assassins-creed-black-flag/16/
  8. Free Grim Fandango Remastered on GOG... https://www.gog.com/game/grim_fandango_remastered
  9. Free Homefront Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/homefront You have just over a day to own yours.
  10. Free Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age Steam key... https://game.giveawayoftheday.com/megamagic-wizards-of-the-neon-age-2/
  11. Free The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-bureau-xcom-declassified?hmb_source=thebureau_xcomdeclassified_freegame you got two days to own it from the time I posted this.
  12. Free Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West Steam key... https://www.fatsharkgamesgiveaway.com/
  13. Free Wuppo Steam key... https://gleam.io/1oW2h/razer-cortex-wuppo-giveaway CAUTION: SLOW POTATO!!!
  14. Free Way of Redemption Steam key... http://www.pcgameshardware.de/Way-of-Redemption-Spiel-61391/News/Steam-Key-Verlosung-1244451/ Page is in German though.
  15. Free Sanctum 2 Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sanctum-2
  16. Free Brutal Legend Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/brutal-legend Promo ends in2 days.
  17. Free Killer is Dead Steam key... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmare-edition
  18. Free Top Trumps Turbo Steam key... https://www.indiegala.com/store#giveaway
  19. Once again, free Taiku Mansion Steam key... https://www.indiegala.com/store?massive#giveaway
  20. Once again, free Mysterium Steam key... https://account.asmodee.net/en/redeem/essen2017
  21. Free The Last Mission Steam key... https://www.dogebundle.com/index.php?page=redeem&id=27
  22. Once again, Free Cavern Escape Steam key... https://www.indiegala.com/store#giveaway
  23. Free Guns of Icarus Steam key... You've got a day and 20 hours to claim yours... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guns-of-icarus-online
  24. Free beta Steam key for Laser League... http://www.mmorpg.com/giveaways/laser-league-steam-key-giveaway-1000000852 or https://www.keengamer.com/article/17316_laser-league-giveaway
  25. Free Steam key for sub... http://www.paperash.com/checkout-dark-train/ I'm not sure if this will pan out -- still waiting for mine. Also Decimation on Olarath Steam key [Removed Game] but still drop cards. https://gleam.io/OcGtl/embed?
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