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  1. WD Black or Blue. I'd suggest sticking with 1TB drives, for reasons nosoop mentioned. Unless the drive is exclusively for archiving stuff you won't touch very often, don't get a green, it's much slower and has longer seek times. Also, don't get an SSD for games. Outside of load times you will not get any performance increases and they cost ~five times as much as a similarly sized HDD. Just having the OS and game files on different drives will boost game performance adequately. I do highly recommend an SSD as a boot drive though, but that is another topic.
  2. Rewatching Gunbuster on a whim. I forgot how great it was even from the very first episode. Depends, Did you watch End of Evangelion yet? You should see that first. It shows what real world events happened during 25 and 26. Also tang.
  3. Hey man, glad to hear life has been treating you well!
  4. I did bring up meeting with you for a meal but everyone was tired then. I think in the confusion (and drunkenness) of the weekend, it was forgotten. I know I had trouble keeping track of what everyone else was doing for meals and events let alone trying to organize anything. I wanted to meet up too. Sorry man.
  5. Dangit. You beat everyone to the punch Horizon. I gots me some pins and little things to go with my keychains from last year, including a Tomoe Mami keychain, plus Satsuki and Ryuuko from KLK and Tonberry charm things. And a supposedly hard to find mini Goddess Madoka figure that I have yet to assemble. I think it was supposed to be the secret prize in one of those mystery boxes but I bought it straight up. Pics later, since I'm on a train right now.
  6. A Samsung 840 Evo would work well. The 120 GB model is in the $80 range. Both my desktop(250 GB) and laptop(120 GB mSATA) have an 840 Evo and I'm very pleased with them. If you want more capacity you might consider one from Kingston or Crucial. They have 240 GB drives on sale rioght now at newegg for about $120 with similar reported performance to the 840 Evo. I have heard good things, but no personal experience. For comparison, the Samsung 840 Evo 250 GB is $150 on Newegg.
  7. A small update, I painted my PSU black and added more fans because MORE FANS WITH BRIGHT LIGHTS. It never needed more fans. It's been running windows 8.1 for a while now too, after I got my school laptop with 8.1 on it I did the same for my desktop several months ago. Also, the boss at work ordered some 120 gig mSATA SSDs by mistake, so I put one of them in my laptop. Having the OS boot from a straight SSD blows that cache drive crap out of the water, and I still have the 500 gig HDD for storage.
  8. Neh

    Mah New Machine

    Y'all went WAAAAY overboard. Nicely done my man.
  9. Neh

    Computer Time.

    Those builds from the local place near you sound a lot like some of the stuff we sell at the computer shop where I work. In particular the second one, which sounds just like our $745 system except we use all 4th gen Intel CPU/Boards instead of 3rd gen like they are offering. Our 745 has twice the RAM, a mobo with USB 3.0, better chipset, and HDMI out though. Still, not bad. The build you made with pcparts picker looks great. One little thing though, if I noticed this thread too late its probably not worth saying but I'll say it anyhow. Unless you plan on overclocking your CPU (which will not help you much for gaming) then you can save some cash by going with the i5 4670 and using the stock cooler, rather than getting the i5 4670k and that 212 cooler.
  10. I would enjoy seeing Shantoto again, but not as a raid boss... that's just too scary
  11. Milo voluntarily gave up his admin position. He claimed he was conducting a social experiment to see how far he could get into the community with that voice he used, and when he was done, he moved on. I do remember that Penumbra video though, that was pretty entertaining.
  12. As I mentioned in the previous two threads, we have been working on things here, and finally, the main event has happened. We've finally made the last leap to the new server, and upgraded the forum to boot! Take your time to get to know the new features, and let us know of any issues. We'll work on setting up a few of the finer details too. The current theme is the default for IPB, and while it does the job, I'm sure most of us would prefer Thoreau back. That's in the works, and we should have that up soon™ as well.
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