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  1. Doofirtle

    Oh My God It's Here

    "Kill me." "Later."
  2. Doofirtle

    Anyone Want To Play Wii?

    Mario Kart Wii: 1633-4801-5057 My Name is UnknownA, not Doofirtle.
  3. Doofirtle

    Anyone Want To Play Wii?

    I will beat every single one of you in mario kart wii. I will post back once I have my friend code.
  4. I would just roll with it. Oh wait, I've done that before.......
  5. Doofirtle

    High School Students, Lend Me A Hand Here

    So watched 10 minutes into the video and thought it was stupid. My view of high school is this. At my school, overachievers are the winners. I have quite the story to tell, but no time currently. (for example full NHD project due monday, 3 essays, calculus [for hours], then 2 history and biology chapters.)
  6. Doofirtle

    The Manslator

    The sad thing is that I don't understand what women are talking about most of the time. They always get so confused when I don't understand social drama.
  7. Doofirtle


    lololololloolololololololololololololololololllolololollol Oh my god.
  8. Doofirtle

    Tron Legacy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3ODe9mqoDE&feature=related I loved the original tron, such a great movie. I pumped for Tron Legacy to come out, one of the few times I will go to a theater to see a movie. Who else here enjoys tron?
  9. Doofirtle


    We're doing a podcast? Where is episode 1?
  10. Doofirtle


    Yes, this is from reddit, but worth posting here for the people who don't check reddit. http://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=31921 Wow. Ratty, this is worse than that purse forum.
  11. Doofirtle

    What Are You Eating Right Now

  12. Doofirtle

    Bad Spawning In Black Ops

    Please William, please say you weren't camping. Because looking at that picture and you talking about claymores, it sounds like you were camping.
  13. Doofirtle

    Black Ops

    Cali, Seeing as I enjoy the call of duty games (I am fairly good at it), I would say yes. For me, its an amazing game. I love it because it feels like in a gun fight, the better man wins 90% of the time. Its really balanced, but if you are new to the series it will be hard, since its has a very distinct style of play. Although I haven't myself run into many people "camping," my friends have. When there are campers the game pretty much sucks, since its not built for camping, the game is built to be a fast past game, but that depends on the community. If you have IRL friends that play, go play it for at least an hour, then see if you want it.
  14. Doofirtle

    Black Ops

    You can drift while boosting and turning fast.
  15. Doofirtle

    Black Ops

    I'm getting this game, and I think it will be badass. I feel so dirty.