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  1. OrangeL

    Windows 7 Oem Help

    About time to switch over computers again in preparation for the fall/winter season, and I had a question for you guys. I think it was Jihad that said it awhile back, but I need to confirm: Is it possible to call in a ask(wink) for a new Windows 7 Key if I have an OEM copy? That way I can cheat the system and have 2 systems running off of 1 Windows 7 OEM disk. I really don't want to buy another Windows 7 disk....
  2. OrangeL

    Leavin Nom

    Its not called leaving unless you yourself decide to leave. Otherwise its kicking out.
  3. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    WRONG, SIR. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=us6nQ_E9waE
  4. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    Oh boy! PM if you acquire additional posters and we can work out a deal. With the Mafia. While I have this post open I drew that. And that. And most importantly, that.
  5. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    I'll pay for snacks as well then? Oh well. If you can't get one then I guess I'll be one of those billions who doesn't have one but will give their money and life for it.
  6. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    Its okay, Hasbros a bro.
  7. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    Booth 3329 If you get me one I will pay you back plus shipping.
  8. OrangeL

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    I don't usually post here... but when I do, it's worth it. SOOOOOO.... who's going to comic con and wants to get one for me?
  9. OrangeL

    Lets Give Ratty A Hand!

    Applause.gif Really, though. This man deserves some appreciation. In the past 24 hours, gamers world wide have thrown their arms up in panic. What would they do without somewhere to talk and laugh and read? Where could they constantly shoot each other while wearing hats? Some resorted to steam chat, others to Spiral Knights, other became bronies. But June 19th was not an average day for hundreds of people. It didn't feel right not staring at the forums 24/7 or going through a round end humiliation. Where to post funny jokes and wish Quaint happy birthday? Reddit only refreshes every few hours. 4chan was out. So, most people ended up crying in a corner that sad day. So thanks, Ratty, for devoting your time, money, and effort into the server. Why am I still awake.
  10. OrangeL

    Apb: Reloaded

    Sure just ask me, OrangeL ingame, to add you.
  11. OrangeL

    Apb: Reloaded

    You should talk to me, I'm working on Mirri Kent right now, working for Akiko X.
  12. OrangeL

    Laptop Custom Building

    My friend has been promised a high end laptop if he complies to.... specific requirements by the end of summer. Basically, he can get the most expensive laptop he can buy. I have no idea on how laptops work when it comes to custom building. I know you can't buy parts off of newegg and make one from scratch like a good ol' desktop. Can I just build one on a website? Where is this magic website? If not that, where can one buy high end laptops? HP, Dell, and Alienware do not count as high end.
  13. OrangeL

    Apb: Reloaded

    This is actually not a bad idea.
  14. OrangeL

    Apb: Reloaded

    What he said. Enforcers are more dick around and not give a shit. They steal cars and have the ability to arrest any criminal they see either by witnessing them committing a crime or shooting them with nonlethal bullets. They also get classier looking equipment. And sirens. The sirens are the seller.
  15. OrangeL

    Apb: Reloaded

    It's GTA Multiplayer in MMO form. We have 2 clans, ask me(enforcer) or killingston(criminal) to get added when you're online. You get 2 character slots, so you can do two things: 1) Make an enforcer and a criminal on the same server (most of us play on colby) 2) Make two of the same class (either criminal OR enforcer) and select Colby for one and Joker for the other. Some people here do play on joker, so if you want to play with them and us, it's your best option.