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  1. you can make scrap metal by smelting a melee, secondary, and a primary slot token, though as you can imagine, the use is limited and wasteful of materials
  2. it's quite true and extremely helpful for getting that much-needed dispenser behind enemy lines, though it replaces your sapper and you cannot effectively cloak while wielding the Dispenser
  3. oh my GOD I can't contain my excitement, valve always pulls a fast one that makes me giddy they're putting plot into TF2 and I don't hate it! yay solly/demo update! cheers m8
  4. and THAT right there is one of the reasons why borax is still in beta
  5. oh NEH I FOUND IT you're a wonderful person
  6. you told me you lit a donut on fire ;_; anyway, the origin of my name When I first started playing TF2, I was still using my childhood made-up name: Zazque, which was a character I used with a bad person who was my friend and is no longer. I wanted to get away from that. So, as a green as neophytes come to tf2, I decided that I'd be safe in choosing pyro as my class since it's an "easy" class to play. I wanted to be named a lighter, so the first thing I thought of was Zippo. Then I mixed it up with Xippo for fun. then I put Xippo into fliptext.net and got Odd!x, and thought that was clever, so I was OddixippO/Xippodd!x for a while, then Odd!x, and since people call me Odd so often, I shortened it to that, but I'm thinking of putting it back at Odd!x; it feels like the right length. the end
  7. Odd!x


    I tried that skin out for a bit, but the reload animation really bothered me. it made it look like the spy had both arms on the same side of his body :?
  8. I can't read the forums by "active topic" anymore either, you're not alone, pants.
  9. why is that heavy running with half a medic?
  10. this is the apple bastard. he is a bastard and an apple.
  11. the monologue was derived from spam mail in some manner, I think.
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