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  1. Randomly wandered back into this hive of scum and villainy. Oh god, where has the time gone?
  2. Cali Fett

    RL Pics

    Hey guys. It's been a while.
  3. Cali Fett

    RL Pics

    This is me and my girlfriend of 6 months, Zoe. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met, and probably ever will meet.
  4. On average, I take in 400 calories a day. The recommended for some one my age, height, weight, and activeness, is 2800. I went to the beach the other day, and I saw a picture of me on facebook. I can see the outline of every single rib. I think it might be time to start eating again. But I know I wont.
  5. It's funny, because I've talked to plenty of Psych professors and teachers, as well as actual practicing Psychologists, and they say Video-games help decrease negativity in people and relieve stress. Fox is propaganda, just like most of the other "News" sites. I think they might want to stop people from playing games because most game devs like to put ideas and morals into their games, things that the common society looks down upon. In reality, it's all propaganda, one way or another. And it can't be stopped because of the wonderful freedom of speech. Yet, where is the freedom in letting a corporation oppress the innocent citizens who just wanna rape people in Bulletstorm? No balance, that's everyone's problem.
  6. Cali Fett

    RL Pics

    Mmmm, obesity. Yum.
  7. Oh shit, yeah, Radios if you can. Best thing ever, even if they're just cheap deals.
  8. Doesn't matter if it's a G36C. That's just a name. Manufacturer matters mostly. Do they have experience playing? If they do, well, good luck. If they don't, you got this. Doesn't matter what guns or equipment they have, it matters that they know how to use it. Just remember to use teamwork and keep covering fire, don't let them take pot shots. I played a game with just my gas TM M9 and won (CQB, you mad Orange?). If you get something, get a gas or super spring sniper. Look on Airsoft GI. If you want to get an AEG that's good for sniping, look at the STAG-15's by Echo 1. I would suggest just sticking with what you know, though. Get a C or Box mag for you're M4 though, because every squad needs a support. Or even jungle clipped mags will work, as long as they're hi-caps.
  9. I've been in two bands. First one was called Simple Solitude, and second was called Pigeons of War. If I picked a name I would definitely pick The Playset or something hipster like.
  10. Cali Fett


    Use baby powder and packing tape to take finger prints. Track the bastard down, and take you're revenge?
  11. Cali Fett

    RL Pics

    I heard he gets around.
  12. Cali Fett

    RL Pics

    Totally forgot about this. Yeah, we got swag. I'm the one in the green, btdubs.
  13. I know, I never said the teachers are there for the money. I said staff, and maybe I should have said not including teachers, but here teachers aren't generally included with staff.
  14. Most of the time, at least in my area, it's the kids themselves who are at fault for bad education. Many don't apply themselves and think they don't need to take school serious. Social life is much more appealing to them. Probably the few good students in my school, including my self, have found a balance between our social and academic lives. Most of our teachers are in fact very good at their job, which I would definitely not say for our Administrators and Principle. Most of the staff besides the counselors are just there for the fat paycheck the Californian government gives them. The California school system is probably the worst.
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