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  1. FlamingDonut#1561 H O G B O Y S
  2. new zelda made me pee my butt. but zelda isnta gril in this one trust me my dad works at nintendo also ninja/rogue for ff14 have me hyped as fuck. jesus christ come to me bby
  3. my buns are so ready. Stoked for the new class in ff14 too i swear to fucking god if its not thief or some shit im gonna eat balls
  4. i see your problem oh right hapy brithday hcase
  5. its annoying as shit. i was pretty bummed when i heard it the first time edit: how do i forums
  6. It is capable of creating explosive blasts while charging kill me
  7. guildmate from like 3 years ago in wow texted me today, asked me for my address to send me a save the date for his wedding. I'm stoked.
  8. Probably an NES or SNES(master race), there's pictures of me playing a SNES in my diapers when i was a baby. it's rad.
  9. I'm so jealous of the kid you're gonna have having the most rad dad ever.
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