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  1. Well, to be fair it's only mentioned a couple of times what happened to the horde after Drogo died.
  2. Wait until he's asleep and shave half of one of his eyebrows!
  3. No judging if you only have chicken sandwhiches. (And if you are getting those, you should probably go to jack in the box >_> )
  4. Not food poisoning, I think? What happened was that I just felt extremely worn out about an hour after eating the cheeseburger and I had to nap for about 40 minutes to shrug it off. I'm better now that I've eaten actual food, but geeze. Not touching that shit again.
  5. Note to self, don't ever eat McDonalds burgers again. Even if it's for dinner. Even if it's free. Just don't do it.
  6. Civilization 5 MP is now working again yesssssss
  7. Yeah, seriously. This sounds so good though.
  8. There can be no excuse for the first image. NONE!
  9. That's amazing william, where did you find it?
  10. I might be able to attend next year. Depends on how things go this year, of course.
  11. It's kinda hard to ignore the bionicle + anime/touhou figures since the posing looks like Izanami is about to open up a can of whup ass on the two figures below him.
  12. "What do you say to the god of death?"

    "Take Sean Bean?"

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