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  1. Yeeah, I'm just not going to touch this issue anymore. The only way to win this game is not to play.
  2. Thanks Scyrius, I was just about to post this. If you support gamergate and honestly believe in stopping hate and corruption in gaming culture, then congrats, you're being manipulated and used as PR cover by people intending to do actual harm.
  3. Looks like i came back to the forums at a good time, HAPY BIRTDAY
  4. if horizon was a taxidermist he'd be horizon formaldehyder.
  5. happy bir-- dammit i'm always a day late
  6. I hate watching half my team get killed because of bad decision making, it's the most frustrating thing in tf2 for me right now. When I show up to a control point the enemy team is capping and there's nobody there to defend it because everyone overextended and died, just... ASkDGADSJKGH and then there's ctf maps (doublecross in particular): 10% of the team actually cares about the objective while everyone else just has an endless firefight in the middle of the map and a scout repeatedly takes our intel with no resistance. Bleh.
  7. Looska

    Hey Folks!

    TUMBLR YOU SAY? Welcome! Haven't seen a new member here in a while! Yeah we used to have snacks too but Fat Cat kept eating them. >:c
  8. SHIET I missed scyrius day SORRY, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY
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