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  1. Pulp Fiction Just recently I watched The Hurt Locker, rather enjoyed that too.
  2. My dreams recently came in installments of chapters. Thats right, part one tonight, part 2 3 days from then, part 3 another 3 days from then >:|
  3. Hardcore mode: Play 2 player pacman by yourself.
  4. The new kukri sounds pretty badass. Does the bleed effect on a player have an a animation?
  5. Sunchips

    RL Pics

    I have no idea what my picture looks like right now, I went in motion and saved the picture without looking at it. EDIT: Looks fine. I just hate pictures.
  6. Some charge up ability that deals a ton of damage.
  7. yeah im going crazy now. see you guys later
  8. Or am I just going crazy? I would not be suprised.
  9. Pardon my sudden ignorance, I cant find the bit about the medi-gun changes in the official notes, and i've gone through the whole thing about 5 times. Can someone just highlight that part and smack me on the back of the head?
  10. Sunchips

    RL Pics

    Just grow out hair and you'll be fine.
  11. It makes me uncomfortable to watch things like this.
  12. Sunchips

    Fox Tails!

    Oh good, cant wait to try this out ^^
  13. Place the wastepaper basket on the head, and pretend to be a space man for a second, and then awkwardly place the wastepaper basket back on the floor.
  14. Sunchips

    Heavy Rain

    [ed:] please use spoiler tags
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