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  1. The name sounded a little familiar, sure enough
  2. Needs moar pumpkins
  3. No, they can't. To what you describe they would have to get a certificate for the domain name issued to them. With respect to the Cisco Ironport: To man-in-the-middle the traffic they have to present their own ceritifcate (or forge one for the domain)
  4. TLS does prevent man-in-the-middle attacks (short of forgery and fraud going on by the ISP to get a CA to issue them a cert for the domain).
  5. I'll also post my thanks here for stopping the thread before it got out of hand.

    Always there when you're needed :P

  6. Thank you for locking that thread.

  7. Logitech makes a bunch of headsets with USB interfaces.
  8. Hide your kids, hide your wife
  9. he's on the board of directors for Disney (who merged with Pixar a few years back).
  10. I have a GTX 260 and run 1900x1200 on my 24" monitor with all the settings in TF2 maxed and I get generally 70-100fps (unless I start spawning lots of poompkins :-))
  11. But what about what Hillary Clinton has to say about the natter?
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