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  1. Bat is useless, unless if you're going for the humiliation kind of thing.
  2. more schmoofy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBSwxbCWIT4
  3. Traded away the fedora for a col roulle (spy suit).
  4. Col Roulle - 4 Refined Phantom - 3 Refined Name Tag - offer v.foster's facade and v.pyro tie - offers (prefer metal) 1 dueling game - scrap gogogogogo
  5. We should fill the space in the top right of the site with a nom related image.
  6. lol The bill that is being amended as a result of this still defines "phonorecord".
  7. Buy this, and rip on n00b scrubs with your transferred TF2 skills.
  8. It's really catchy if you filter out the nyers.
  9. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Crap Cleaner, does the job well. It has a feature which lets you turn of startup processes very easily. As for determining which ones to turn off, go to task manager > processes and look at the "user name" and "description" categories in the list. You generally want to stop processes that are under your user name and the name/description should help you tell whether or not it's essential or not.
  10. Just download, extract and play. OH GOD THE FISH
  11. Turn the basic act of walking from point A to point B into a chore by making spies pretty much undetectable unless if the player is right in your field of view, genius.
  12. My heart is bleeding out warm stuff.
  13. Random.org has some info on this stuff and also houses a "true" random generator.
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