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  1. Well this seems like a great time for me to get back into TF2. I will for sure be playing more once the update drops, haven't played in ages.
  2. I had no idea it was coming out tonight! Getting back into that TF2 mood...I haven't played in awhile.
  3. I'm totally bad at being in the air as a soldier but I really wanna see what is up with that parachute.
  4. Infinite is going to be free on playstation plus on tuesday (for north america). So if anyone hasn't tried it yet and has access to playstation plus you should try it out.
  5. These are always pretty interesting to watch
  6. Would be really cool if there was no latency issue but I mean it still would be rather pointless. Super mario 3d world is a great game though. I'm really loving it <3
  7. Pixel

    Playstation 4

    I'll have mine sometime next week. I would love to have any of you guys on my friends list send a friend invite to Sketchy_Pixel on PSN. Not sure what games I'll be getting yet though.
  8. I've been thinking about picking this up for WiiU sometime after I finish Wind Waker HD. Probably going to end up waiting awhile but I'll look into some reviews first and since I've heard mixed opinions on it overall.
  9. Pixel

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Well I got to make my character at least. Personally I didn't like the character creation section. Wish I could have just chose how I looked instead of messing with my grandparent's and parent's looks. I got to the first race and it wouldn't load so I gave up. I have it on 360 so feel free to add my gamertag. (Sketchy Pixel)
  10. I haven't played this game since it's initial launch. Maybe I'll check it out again
  11. Didn't expect the forums to be white...kinda startled me a little. But this is cool, looking forward to exploring the new look of the forums
  12. Make sure cords aren't tangled because it confuses the computer.
  13. That's one of the things that stood out the most to me. Also the liberty launcher changes I did not expect.
  14. Balancing old weapons and reworking how set bonuses work? I'm actually really looking forward to this update
  15. Thanks for the build! I'll probably end up using this for sure. I did read about hitting yourself in the face (which is kinda hilarious) but I suppose it is worth the huge damage bonus you get.
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