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  1. My favorite part is that half the time I'll have more points than them anyways despite not participating in end game =/
  2. That's almost exactly what my old girlfriend did, except that I never even said she wasn't perfect for me -.- Crazy girls man. She ended up breaking up with me because we "never talk anymore" (even though we talked all the time so )
  3. Why do people still get offended at word not meant in an offensive way? If I say "what up cracka" that is not offensive. if I say "YO MAN FUCK CRACKERS THEY'RE THE STUPIDEST" that's offensive.
  4. They did say in the description they had animation =/
  5. Try cleaning the dust out or defragging? (the whole thing, not just tf2)
  6. I'm confused on how this is different than a regular server? Almost every server I've ever been on bans hackers/really annoying players, and has benefits for donators...
  7. >Go spy >Heavies bitch at you -.- ^ That wasn't on nom, btw.
  8. Eh, second place isn't bad. Just for the people who watched, the reason Touhou was not so good during the last two rounds was that his dad came in and was yelling at him or whatever, so he also couldn't talk to me. not saying that we would have won, but I might not have been as pissed at beat for not coming =/ (if anybody is wonderin, Ryan and Blaze are both invite players, and beat is not, which is why I said that at the end)
  9. Won a shirt and probably a 10$ game
  10. I don't think it has to be water, but you gotta drink something
  11. It's double elimination, so nobody is out yet
  12. I'm sorry, but just going heavy in general is easy mode.
  13. Yeah, my partner thought we were a different team and were going against area51
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