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  1. We played a game where our entire enemy team left three times in a row. Zain here was part of Backfilll Team Delta. Rather than actually playing the game and fighting us like a sucker, he picked Mariachi Reaper and simply Spycrab/Crouchwalked around the map without fighting us for one round, then continued in the next round on Tracer. We decided to honor his courage and integrity by handing him a Teamkill and emulating his epic strategy in our next match.
  2. my first day of overwatch, my first play of the game, handed to me on a silver platter by an idiot on the other team
  3. I got an amazon giftcard for xmas and i just said fuck it; i'm buying a toy. i ain't got a toy for xmas since i was a little kid, so i bought a wooden replica kill la kill sword scissor. i've had so much stupid fun with it since, i wave the bitch around on a daily basis.
  4. an original composition sung by my little brother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfnQVv_lpew
  5. So I decide "I haven't played an MMO in forever and i'm bored as shit, I wonder if FFXIV has a free trial". and it does, So I download the installer, and try to make an account. it gives me the usual WE SENT YOU A CONFIRMATION EMAIL thing. and then the confirmation email never arrives. so I look around for like 10 minutes trying to figure how to get it to resend it because no it's not my spam filter you assholes you didn't sent it properly. and of course it wont start downloading the 20GB game until you log in, so this time is being double wasted. and it turns out if you already have an account at that address, it doesn't bother to tell you that, it just lies and pretends it sent you a confirmation email while doing nothing. turns out I already made an account back before the game had a free trial when i was waiting for one. so i jump through some more hoops to get the login info on my old account, and i finally log in. and it tells me SORRY, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT YOU CAN'T DO THE FREE TRIAL what? why the fuck not? how fucking stupid is this system, the criteria should be "HAS THIS ACCOUNT HAD A FREE TRIAL? Y/N" not "DOES THIS ACCOUNT ALREADY EXIST". i started the account with the express purpose of waiting until a free trial started and now that there is one LOL NOPE so i finally start a new account on an alternate email address like 30 minutes into the fucking process and finally log in and start downloading the game, which i could have already been several GB into already if their system wasn't fucking retarded. this shit's already coming back to me. WHY IS IT MANDATORY THAT ALL MMO COMPANIES BE RETARDED?
  6. I am reading the sickest novel right now. Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson (writer of the mistborn series, and the guy who finished the wheel of time after robert jordan died). it's set in modern day, when people suddenly begin to manifest superpowers. but there are no superheroes, every last one of them is pure evil. ten years later, these supervillians, called "Epics" have completely subjugated humanity. except for one small group of normal humans, called the Reckoners, who hunt and assassinate any Epic they can. The main character's father was killed by Steelheart, an Epic who is utterly invulnerable. but the main character saw Steelheart bleed, and intends to see him bleed again.
  7. man the wheel of time is fucking awesome
  8. I only had one co-worker at my job who I didn't get along with, she was a huge bitch, and intentionally got me in trouble on two occasions (despite me having done nothing wrong) just to spite me. SHE GOT FIRED. FUCK YEAH.
  9. man, This War of Mine. I love the game, but is annoying me on three fronts. ascending order of annoyance: one, it's not entirely random. the first couple times you start a game it appears that everything is completely randomly generated. but a couple games in, you are given a screen that shows maybe a dozen starting scenarios. the starting characters are preset, the season and available starting locations are preset, and the characters will have specific status ailments (although it is random on WHO has what ailment). it's fine i guess, because as the game progresses everything ELSE seems to still be random (which events occur, what additional locations open up, etc), but still, it bugs me. second, you can't alt-tab in fullscreen. or rather, you can alt-tab out, but once you do so, you can't go back to it, the game just wont post and you have to kill the process. this is particularly a problem because the game only saves at the start of each new day, and NOT at night. you'd think a game that runs on day-night cycles would save at each, but no, only after you come back from the night third, i bought this game as a gift for a halfdozen people because it's fucking rad, despite the flaws i just mentioned, and not a single one of them has played it yet.
  10. my fast food tales continue; I was walking back inside after having a break the other day, and the customers on the patio were talking about their food. two old guys, one of which as saying 'yeah, i got such and such burger, it's pretty good' and etc. just as i turn the corner to go back inside, he bombastically proclaims 'I'M GONNA TURN IT INTO SHIT"
  11. fun fact, the US bought Alaska from Russia four months before Canada was created.
  12. I'm currently working a fast food job, and for to-go orders, we give the customers a card with their order number on it. this one time I call out "order number __ to go", and this old white guy holds up his card and says "MULTIPASS!". I nearly died laughing.
  13. I went bananas during this holiday steam sale, bought Alice: the madness returns battleblock theatre child of light dmc: devil may cry dust, an elysian tale metal gear rising revengance no time to explain transistor my only regret is 'no time to explain', the game itself is great, but it is incredibly poorly programmed/optimized. the resolution setting is just a plus and minus button, with no indication of what resolution you are currently at, and (i presume because it's made in flash) it runs crippllingly bad at high resolutions.
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