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  1. I haven't been on here in a while, yeesh. I did get a new (old) laptop from my cousin, though. So I can finally play some games other than LoL. woo
  2. I'm buying a laptop from my friend and I just found the video card isn't good enough for KF2, which is probably what I was most excited about... aw
  3. Bought Killer is Dead for $12 at EB. New and Limited edition. I know it's a kinda old and somewhat obscure game but even for EB $12 just seemed so cheap (from $50).
  4. http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=3302319 A few days ago Rooster Teeth was requesting donations for an unspecified medical emergency for him (all that was known was he was in critical condition). Hard to believe. If you don't know or don't remember, Monty created Haloid and the Dead Fantasy series, and more recently created RWBY under RoosterTeeth.
  5. I need to go to the dentist and optometrist. My teeth have been bothering me for a while but upon closer insepction I noticed what I believe is a cavity. Also my eyes suck and I keep needing new glasses
  6. Happy New Year guys. I'm about 3 hours off of my annual post but oh well
  7. To preface this, they're youtube comments, but still. Game Grumps were playing Rust on their own server and using admin abilities to go around and force people at gunpoint to sing christmas carols. I found it funny, but the comments were filled with "this is inhumane" or "sickening to watch". Like holy shit what. Again, youtube comments, but I still thought it was weird.
  8. I'm not a fan of the whole scanlator drama there always is, but it's a pretty scumbag move on MangaStream to pick up Seven Deadly Sins when Red Hawk has been doing it for years... they could always just pick up a series that doesn't have an active translating team.
  9. Fuck. I made a huge mistake updating the youtube app. The new layout is horrible. Thumbnails are enmormous, and still has the empty space on the right (my tablet is set to landscape) and the sidebar needs to be accessed first from the top left corner, like the Play Store and gmail. It's a huge pain in the ass on tablet when the icon is tiny holy shit
  10. What do you mean? Like actual usage in any way other than looking nice? Nope. People have said they're basically just lower quality nendoroids.
  11. Riot Games has opened an official merch store (in beta), I would be really interested but shit the prices are ridiculous. And the figurines don't even look nice. Also, started playing Hearthstone. It's much more fun than I thought it would be, but the animations and voices really help out.
  12. Played Smash for Wii U at a friend's house. I need a Wii U and the game, holy crap.
  13. Holy shit I'm stupid. I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles for over 60 hours and just now realised you level up your Monado arts by pressing on the icon in your skill bar when levelling. I thought you get levels via the story, was wondering why all enemies were shooting high level stuff at me and I couldn't do anything. Fuck I'm retarded.
  14. I know what you mean. Naruto is what got me and a lot of other people I know into anime and manga in general. It just feels weird. Also, FFXIV free weekend (previous subs only, I think) yay! I'm so glad they do this so often. I'm one of the people who's mostly interested in the story and 2 - 3 days is enough to catch up. I won't get to max NIN but I don't mind too much.
  15. Played Cards Against Humanity for the first time with some friends. It's fun being a horrible person. Also, after hearing so much talk about COD and how AW is all different (Press F to pay respects l0l), I decided to borrow BO2 from a friend. I haven't played since BO1. Should be fun.
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