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  1. original: http://tsmo.pp.fi/kuvat/dogg-comix/
  2. No, it's definitely trash.
  3. Heavy needs a nerf. Like a literal Nerf gun. Pftoomp-pftoomp-pftoomp-pftoomp~ Valve is partnering with everyone these days, I wouldn't mind an entire update dedicated to Nerf guns. There's enough parallels to TF2 weaponry in the Nerf line of products, surely? The enemy's comin', you got 'em in your sights... NERF BOW AND ARROW!
  4. Anyone know any good UK/Euro servers that actually pretend to give half a shit about balance and fun and don't shamelessly Heavy/Medic stack to win? I like to actually enjoy playing this game from time to time.
  5. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=APAwciQgLyk Drum machines! Get your drum machines here! Can't have the 80's without drum machines.* *to be read in your best baseball stadium peanut vendor voice.
  6. Well all right! Now, do I equip the shiny thing or fly shades? Debate of the century.
  7. Run-DMC didn't need shoelaces. Get rid of them and invest in hats and rope chains for maximum freshness.
  8. Essentially, the Backburner is the Dan Hibiki of TF2. Yahoo~!
  9. Taking a page out of Ulillillia's book and messing with the speeds on video game music. The original Soul Edge soundtrack at 11025Hz sample rate is absolutely amazing.
  10. And you can't leave until you prove yourself, right? Just one more match, you tell yourself. Break even. Give it all you've got to wreck enemy du jour's shit. Today is the day where all their success is void. Don't even think about giving up, because if you quit, they win. They don't deserve the satisfaction. Nobody deserves anything but you. I shouldn't be allowed to play games...
  11. If you're talking about the equipment manager, I'm certain Valve only clamped down on their content (hats) being used illicitly. I remember this server still had Pedobear heads and such for a while after. The last time I saw this kind of custom junk was on some random jump server about 6 months ago and I'm fairly sure it used that same bulky armour. Judging by the green chat text, extended timer and 2fort, it seems like the kind of scumbag server that would have a bunch of terrible mods. Don't quote me on this. This is all pure guesswork based on a handful of encounters with this sort of thing and I'm just throwing out all the information I have. Some actual insight from the poster themself about the server would be a great help.
  12. Some servers have plugins that allow equipable custom hats, armour and other assorted doo-dads. If you had to download a bunch of crap before joining the server, then that's probably it.
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