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  1. Okay despite the fact that I fucking hate it when people use the term 'haters'(IT SOUNDS STUPID AS SHIT), this is usually a good counter. I used to dislike Superman and Captain America and after looking into both I really gained an appreciation for them.
  2. Look at the dates, the evidence dates back to 2012 and December 2015, well before she was even within the public eye, it can't have been statements meant to troll attention she wasn't getting yet. Honestly you can look at the reasons for her being fired in three, separate ways. She could've gotten fired for the child abuse stuff, look, if someone is a pedo and doesn't actually ACT on this impulses I don't really care, it's a mental defect due to an error within the wirings of the brain, it's something alot of them can't actually control. Not acting on them is the important thing. And then if you're crossing the line trying to advocate for the legality of that shit, and then ALSO working at a company that designs products for children? It gets kind of sketchy. She could've gotten fired for just the general inflammatory nature she was having on twitter. That's a very common thing. It doesn't matter if you put "These opinions do not reflect [parent company]" on your bio, banner, avatar, whatever, because they very much DO. If an artist at Rare Studios(Is it software or studios?) or something started going "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE" or other inflammatory shit on his twitter do you really not think that wouldn't reflect badly on the company? Whether you like it or not, when you're working for a company, and you have a profile somewhere that is specifically with your name and lists your company name, anything you say or do reflects on that company. It is the internet though, you can easily make a separate profile to do whatever you do. Companies care if Bill from [company] does something bad, companies don't really give a shit if Buttlord59 does anything though. And finally the reasons we were given by Nintendo, the modelling. Which on the base level sounds innocuous, but you also have to remember Nintendo is a child orientated company, irregardless of what a good amount of their actual audience is, Nintendo's focus is children entertainment. As a result, someone doing the very particular type of modelling she was doing, was bad for their image. Especially when it involves their products or something you probably don't want your child looking at. This isn't the first time that similar firings have happened because these type of things mess with their branding, Disney is actually fairly notorious for this, basically if you worked for Disney and had a public profile, you wouldn't be able to get away with half the shit she did, let alone if you were one of the 'face' actors. It's simply a harsh reality of working for child friendly companies. Or... she got fired because some people on the Internet said bad things about her. I mean, I guess? If Nintendo was going on that though you'd think Treehouse as a whole would've been shut down.
  4. I'm probably a bad person to answer considering I never liked Psychonauts. But, it's a sequel. I mean, the original game ended on a cliffhanger so I guess one could say it's sort of justified, but with Tim's track record this doesn't seem anything more then a cash grab, especially considering he moved the end date back. In the end it seems like it's simply folly, it'll never be able to match a good chunk of the nostalgia it's riding on and people will be disappointed no matter what you do, messing with nostalgia is always the most difficult thing. considering my disliking of tim thats sort of the silver lining to the project for me
  5. I don't see why anybody would donate to that tbh. Schafer has a history of being shit with money. Grim Fandango went so overbudget Lucasarts pointed to it as the reason they closed down their adventure game studio, Psychonauts also tore a huge hole into Majesco. Then that's not even getting into the more recent things like Broken Age which raised almost ten times what it was asking for yet it still got delayed and they still asked for MORE MONEY. And Spacebase DF-9 which was an absolute trainwreck. The only Doublefine games that didn't have financial problems are ones Tim Schafer went nowhere near. I don't see how he has so much trust to raise 1.5 million in what, 2 days? Kotick was right about him.
  6. ...what? How? How do you even do this? What's the point?? How is this made?
  7. These are notes for the upcoming Wonder Woman comic book... I... I just. I give up on you DC.
  8. Not only did this come out of left field, it hit me alot harder than I thought it would.
  9. well i originally had black coffee flavored ice cream but then i remembered that actually exists and is the whole basis of iced coffee so if black coffee flavored cotton candy exists too well then that really cooks my beans >8(
  10. I didn't even know some of this stuff existed. Sentries had a resistance to miniguns?? Goodnight sweet prince. 8(
  11. wake up in the middle of the night clean entire house go back to sleep i dont understand my body or brain
  12. I COOKED CHICKEN. It didn't come out burned or overcooked or anything it came out just right and it was tasty. I did it. I made progress.
  13. now look imma just waltz in here and give you guys a little somethin special like this and this you're welcome
  14. Cloud

    E3 2015

    so you're telling me a multibillion dollar company like sony cant give shenmue 3 funding? come the fuck on
  15. fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4
  16. fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4 fallout 4
  17. go fuck yourself you fucking talentless hack. is it not enough that you have to constantly fucking have your stupid fucking whiny ass fucking voice ruining spider-man but you also have to come out as being a gigantic bigoted fuck face? you have a fucking stupid child fanbase that will see this too you useless shitstain I hope this destroys your career further.
  18. Yes but everyone has the option to do the exact same thing in GTA, and I don't think anyone has not randomly started killing civilians in GTA just to get a big chase/fight because doing it is... fun. And just because it's not the main purpose of the game doesn't mean it's suddenly not grounds for a rating, specific versions of San Andreas got an AO rating for the hot coffee thing and you couldn't even get that without modding the game! And not to mention that GTA had that torture sequence that was infinitely times worse than anything Hatred has to display.
  19. Hell Soldier of Fortune 2 for the Xbox had more gruesome gore.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEfL9PjwtdU THAT'S HATRED!? That's what got the first AO rating in years!? That's whats been causing all this fuss!? It's so tame! Hotline Miami 2 was more gorey, Mortal Kombat has been way more gorey, fucking Manhunt! God all that outrage and this is what it amounted to?
  21. I just finished watching Oldboy(the original) with a friend...
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