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  1. Fuzileer Based on the word Fusilier, the name of a soldier armed with a flint musket called a Fusil. My ancestor fought at Waterloo and my dad played online (long ago before he cba with it!) and called himself Fuzileer. I sorta carry that on haha
  2. Its pretty, but still a bit crowded. Personally I prefer the current one. Its simple, not crowded or cluttered - just a nice simple feature that doesnt need to eat away at any more memory than its supposed to.
  3. 8v8 will now be created, sounds a little Op'd for the infected, 8 chargers ftw... http://www.l4dmods.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=299:8vs8-will-not-be-a-reality&catid=2:news&Itemid=13 =\
  4. I think itd cost the community. If they make it free = itll be a cheap release, quickly made up and released to be a general dissapointment to community (hence Crash Course). If they make it a buy-only one, you know Valve will make it a damn good release - Valve, whilst ok at free release stuff, is ultimately a deity in purchase-to-play stuff; they have the time and the finance to release excellent quality stuff, not a quickly made job. Personally? I hope its a buy-only one. That way you know theyve put loadsa quality into it.
  5. Fuzileer

    RL Pics

    Hats? Look at my avatar dood!
  6. Im hoping thisll involve some form of 8player cooperative thing - where the two teams dont actually fight side by side but instead walk two seperate parralel paths to each other, somehow helping each other out along the way (eg: providing covering fire, flicking switches, etc.)
  7. I dunno whats more incredible; the fact that people actually phish or the people who fall for it haha Its almost as funny as the time my friend posed as a Valve Employee sent to shut down my account... Heh.... Well... It wasnt funny at the time ;-;
  8. Hospital Patients are assholes. Crazed Vicars are assholes. Airline Passengers are assholes. Farm Folk are assholes. Shoppers are assholes. Carnival-loving-adults are assholes. Swamp people are assholes. Sugar-cane producers are assholes. The military are assholes. Survivors other than me are assholes. Tanks are assholes. Hunters are assholes. Spitters are assholes. Smokers are assholes. Jockeys are assholes. Chargers are assholes. Boomers are awesome. That is all.
  9. So youre saying that people who aren't in that group are not a 'real' member of the nom-nom-nom community?
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/left4nom derp Meh, at least this one isnt by invite only =\
  11. Hey yall, since L4D2 is pretty popular with the nommers I've made this group to make things a lil easy for organising matches, etc. Simply join the group below and then you can talk to other members. All people who join this group are able to make a public notification/event for the next l4d2 match. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nomnomnoml4d2
  12. Wow - Im surprised to see this thread STILL going strong! XD =-=- Love f****** sucks hard. Enough said. Touche' At least I have my hat. <3
  13. Fuzileer

    Bacon Is Less Serious

    Nice to see this - didnt know Nomnomnom was a franchise! XD If I ever get a server Id like to donate it to the nom community - one of the best ones out there. Quite a few people prefer to play on nom as it is, its less well known as the main server so the community is a bit closer.
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