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  1. Selling white non-vintage tyrolean for 2.33. Snazzy medic hat, get all the bitches. Bitches love Tyroleans. Click for profile.
  2. Thanks, but I'd really just prefer metal.
  3. I need to name/describe my Degreaser, Axtinguisher, and Flare Gun. :< Then I need to buy a Stockbroker Scarf and figure out what hat looks best with it. Probably the napper's respite. Thoughts/color thoughts?
  4. Steam Profile Backpack There's my backpack. Anything vintage is for sale excluding the flare gun and axtinguisher. I'm looking for approx. 4 refined for the Helm, don't really care much about the other stuff. At work atm, can't trade. Can trade later tonight, though.
  5. Hey, I remember you. Sadly, no. I wish I could, but I can't take the time off work, or get a ticket.
  6. Of course. And once I figure out how to use these newfangled items you youngins are totin' around, I'll be an even bigger asshole.
  7. Sup guys. Long, LONG time no see. College demanded too much of my time, and then I had girlfriend stuff and everything was all complicated and busy. But it's summer now, so I've got time to dust off TF2. So I'm back, and I'll be playing for a while. PLAY WITH ME, OLD FRIENDS. What'd I miss while I was gone?
  8. Hey guys. Long time no see. (Motherboard's barely holding on, graphics card hates TF2 now.) I've got a cool thing with Firefox called Stylish where I can load CSS sheets on specific websites. I currently have one for 4chan that makes it look like this: I've got every aspect of FF glassed except web pages. 4chan's the only one that works, the others usually look like this: Terrible, as you can see. So I was thinking about it and trying to figure out my solutions, and I came up with two possibilities. One, someone writes an elaborate script that tells FF to make certain things transparent on EVERY website, or B: someone here edits the CSS sheet so Facepunch works the same way. Hopefully some part of that is salvageable and I won't have to start over entirely. If I'd have to write it from scratch (assuming no one wants to do it), does anyone have advice or tips on how to do this myself?
  9. The problem with this plugin is that it will affect the entire server. If a spy kills an AFK medic on the first point of Frontier while everyone else is at the final point, when that medic dies, EVERYONE goes slo-mo. I've played with it, it's a pain in the ass.
  10. Wristwatch

    Mass Effect

    Something seems to have gone wrong when I did Tali's loyalty mission... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nBBQdYVJYE
  11. Well fuck you too, Orange. Jesus. I installed it on my home desktop, because it can handle it. My laptop inexplicably crashes whenever i attempt to use SFM. Unfortunately, my desktop is at home and my laptop is with me at college. So the advice I'm giving may or may not be entirely accurate, but in that particular case, I could guess what was happening.
  12. Wristwatch

    Mass Effect

    holy fuck i take back everything i just said my vanguard is unstoppable now that i figured out how to chain charges. I charged a Geth Prime and the impact knocked him off a cliff. I then shotgunned the three Geth behind me in the face while they were stunned, then tanked a Geth Destroyer until charge filled. Then did it all again. Miranda and Grunt got about two combined kills.
  13. Wristwatch

    Mass Effect

    Fuck scions. Insanity Vanguard is absurd.
  14. Wristwatch

    Mass Effect

    To be honest, it's really not worth it. Sure, there's some funny dialogue, but I brought Grunt with me, just like I always do. There's an assload of cloaking Geth, and Tali/Legion are both useless against enemies they can't see. Grunt, however, will run into something gun first until it is dead. He's never died on me. Double Grunt health and his custom shotgun helps. :< So I beat the game. I chose to explore the galaxy some more. Am I fucked? Can I not do New Game+ anymore?
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