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  1. RE: the new market selling shit for RL $ Time for a big "told ya so!" from, well, most of us. I guess I can't complain too loudly since I haven't touched TF2 in so long, but this would have been enough to make me bail if I was.
  2. Draskuul


    CTRL-ALT-DEL had a response on this theory: Link in case they don't allow hotlinking the image: http://www.cad-comic.com/cad/20100707
  3. The first male worgen voice in the flirts keeps making me think of Austin Powers... I really hope the bacon one stays, best of them all!
  4. My brother and I used to screw around with the Chinese farmers all the time in WoW. Back then they were botting a lot, but it wasn't very picky about targets, so we could just pvp flag and stand near them to get them to attack you. After that you just kept ressing and we'd kill them over and over. Back when I was playing EVE a couple of us took on a farmer and ended up with him begging us (in Mandarin, had to use Babelfish to translate) to let him go, saying he was going to get in trouble and lose his job.
  5. Thanks both, I think I saw that addon mentioned before but had forgotten about it. Will go grab it now!
  6. I finished Eastern Loremaster, still working on Kalimdor. I'm around 617/685, and it's getting damned hard to find more quests to do. I'm down to scouring the lists people have made up on Wowhead for it.
  7. I've seen this a bunch on my server (Garona). They tried doing things like spelling it out in corpses, but that didn't last, then they tried just having 40 players lay down in formation. The floating one is new to me.
  8. The answer is dual head video, watch the boobies and not have to play a shitty class!
  9. As much as I detest the pets and such that Blizzard is selling now for real money, there is one pet I'd quite possibly pay for: A dozen baby murlocs following you around as a pack, making their various baby murloc noises (ala the "save our tadpoles" quest). I'd gladly pay for that...
  10. Odds are you'll have to have support rebuild your Battle.net account. Mine had trouble also when I came back. Apparently a bunch of the really old BNet accounts were flagged for the wrong region, despite having been marked as US originally. This broke the game login. They tried to recreate mine under the same email address, but it kept saying it was in use (despite having just deleted it) so I had to use another email. Of course these are issues you may run into *after* you recover your account...good luck! It took me 2 hours on the phone but I did get mine resolved the same night at least.
  11. Yeah, most MMOs look basically the same in their UIs. Going from Warcraft to Warhammer was a real deja vu moment. But this Alganon nonsense really is a 100% duplicate. There's one out there doing the same thing copying EVE (but with Mechs instead of ships). I'm sure both will get shut down in court at some point.
  12. Okay, funny, but EVE actually handles letting you re-bind alt-F4 in game...I used it all the time for my 4th mid slot.
  13. We finally got another taste of that with Krikk or whatever his name is in Pit of Saron. "No dummy, over there! Hold still while I blow them up!" I saw a blue post in a thread about the same sort of complaints (on our server it's usually Halls of Stone). The response was a vague "well, the random instance finder isn't *totally* random," suggesting that there are other factors in how it chooses which instance.
  14. People have talked about possibly recapturing Gnomeregan for a while, which I figured would make a great event, but wondered how us Horde would get to participate--so apparently it's going to be us doing something for the Trolls, which is fine by me! My guildies have been going mad buying up all the frozen orbs they can. They had prices down to about 9g each, now they're climbing over 35g. I wish I'd known about a week sooner and I'd have done the same. I'm sure this will bite everyone in the ass though, as it will just kill the market on gems for a while (a blow to us alchemists and PVPers income). Edit: Oh, and rumor is that we will actually see the sundering caused by Deathwing happen 'live' thanks for phasing, i.e. we'll get the patch, see old continents as-is at the start, then see events play out.
  15. Heh, grats. Yeah, when I came back it took me about a week to do 70-80, and now a week or two later I'm just about geared enough to start doing proper raids. It's ridiculously easy now compared to pre-TBC days. I also did the Explorer one just after I got 80, was too bored of quests to do anything else just yet then, and the instance queue for DPS sucks. It's amazing how long you can play a char and still have so many random places in the old continents unexplored.
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