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  1. Nani ga deru ka na?

  2. Edit: Just read the part about the first page >_<
  3. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU- A Distinctive Lack of Hue >:/ Anyone want to trade for it? And don't want to trade my Fedora, was one of my first hats and my favorite spy hat. Sorries :<
  4. Dammit Flashy, being all persuasive >_< I'll take you up on the offers lol
  5. Reason I want to craft the Bonk Helm is so I unlock the blueprint actually lol. Is the Bonk Helm vintage? I should probably trade mine away rather than wasting it in a craft now that i think about it. Considering the second offer, but already wasted $2.49 on a key to just get some paint :< I'll think about it and get back to you later tonight.
  6. Offering Gold Paint, Description Tag, and various new non-set weapons. Also considering trading any non-vintage for offers including Bonk Helm, Defiant Spartan, Handyman's Handle, Pyromancer's Mask, and Ze Goggles. Looking for Vintage hats and Bill's hat. http://www.tf2items.com/id/DTPrimus2112
  7. It was on Main during the time of my post. Think it was on http://gamedownloads.nom-nom-nom.us/tf2demos/main/2010-09/auto-20100903-0109-pl_frontier.dem.7z either that or the next frontier. I'm east coast so I think it should be 3 hours earlier for the demo time, correct?
  8. Just quickly notifying that a player named tracedarkwind was sentry-jumping on top of the building near second Red spawn and building in the air just now. I saw a previous ban vid where a soldier had used the same area.
  9. K, team NOPE.AVI registered atm. Only me and slayoyayo are currently on it, waiting for Maitias to register.
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