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    What task requires more than uber or kritz?

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  1. The cone of my Drumstick ice cream is soft and it's mildly irritating.
  2. I remember Milo. Like GabrielWB said, he was an admin here and was quite popular due to his personality and voice. He would draw quite the crowd on the server. Last I recall, he lost his admin status here due to an oversight he made while playing on one of the servers (Main I think?) Shortly after, he voluntarily left for another community. He showed up once a couple years ago or so for a brief game of TF2 but ever since them he disappeared.
  3. Ever since I started playing MTG, I've felt the urge to get back into Yugioh. There's a new structure deck coming out this Friday and that may be the thing to restart my addiction to that game.
  4. Snowbird

    Heya, Again.

    I'm Snowbird. I used to frequent Nom, playing in the servers, in scrims, in other games, and on the forums. This happened until I grew bored of TF2 and life became busy, forcing me to put some of my hobbies and commitments on hold. Now that things seem to have settled down a little more (and with a B.A. under my belt), I'll be able to participate more frequently here in the forums and on the server. For those who remember me, hello again! For those who I haven't met before, hi nice to meet you!
  5. cp_gullywash cp_glacier pl_upward koth_harvest_final cp_snakewater tc_hydro arena_watchtower (6 min) cp_badlands cp_gravelpit pl_swiftwate_frc16 Koth_lakeside_final plr_pipeline (15 min) ctf_turbine_pro
  6. I swear the only reason I know anything about boxing is because of Pacquiao I wanna watch this fight but I don't know if it'll be worth the money for it on pay per view...
  7. Snowbird


    Multiplayer was working fine for me on release. Then starting today I noticed major lag and rubberbanding, and I kept getting "Disconnected from the login server" message. I couldn't get 2 minutes in a game without experiencing massive lag and rubberbanding, then getting kicked out. I updated Punkbuster but it didn't do anything. Don't think I'm the only one experiencing this though. Hopefully a patch comes really soon. Single player works fine though. Haven't tried Co-op yet.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycv2do4-SNk&feature=feedu I don't know why I laughed so hard at #4
  9. Snowbird


    Picked up my preorder today. Played about 90 minutes of SP and 30 minutes of MP. I'm liking this game so far. Add me as well! Snowbird109
  10. Snowbird


  11. Snowbird


    Gameplay teaser! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6qTiBCvsv4
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