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  1. Action Hank

    Monty Oum has passed away

    Pretty sad to hear this, I had been following the situation all weekend since I'm a fairly big fan of the work done at Roosterteeth. I enjoyed watching Monty's work including RWBY, Dead Fantasy, and even his DDR videos which were always entertaining. He'll definately be missed.
  2. Action Hank

    3Ds Discussion

  3. Action Hank

    Super Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U And 3Ds)

    I should really learn my lesson from preordering nintendo games from Newegg but just got my copy yesterday. I've been enjoying it quite a bit so far. My favorite new character thus far is Little Mac but I'm also enjoying Mega Man, Sonic, and even Mario. Both Sonic and Mario feel improved from when I last played Brawl which was a couple years ago. Just unlocked Duck Hunt Dog so I'm looking forward to trying him out as well.
  4. Action Hank

    How people hacked computers in the 80's

    HACK THE PLANET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wXBe2jTdx4
  5. Action Hank

    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

    Finally hit Legend this morning playing mostly Druid. I probably spent about an hour and a half playing 1-2 wins away before finally hitting it.
  6. Action Hank

    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

    Nice, I just got in last week and I'm doing pretty well in arena, my last three runs have been 6, 6, and 4, so not too shabby. One of the six win runs I didn't even get any epics so that was kind of funny.
  7. Action Hank

    Steam Holiday Sale 2013

    I know how you feel, I was pretty bummed when Tale of Two Brothers lost the community vote the other day to something pretty mainstream.
  8. Action Hank

    Steam Holiday Sale 2013

    When they switched over the sales today Don't Starve was one of the Daily Deals but it was also 92% off for a couple minutes so I was able to snag myself a copy for $1.19. Today is a good day.
  9. Action Hank

    Official Pokémon Thread

    Has anyone gotten a Cranidos yet? Looking for a male in order to breed if anyone has found one. I've been getting unlucky with finding the fossils. If someone wants a Munchlax I've got quite a few from breeding, haha
  10. Action Hank

    Pentatonix Does Daft Punk

    Pretty cool but I couldn't watch the video because they kind of freak me out a bit, but the song was great lol
  11. Action Hank

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    Mahbonk helped me out with it(Thanks again bro). In New Leaf, Jack gives you items from the "Creepy" set instead of the spooky set.
  12. Action Hank

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    Not sure how many people are still playing this with the release of pokemon but I wanted to ask if anyone has gotten the spooky table this month? It's the only piece I need to finish the spooky set and it hasn't popped up for me all month.
  13. Action Hank

    Official Pokémon Thread

    Is there a comparison somewhere showing all the differences between the two versions known thus far?
  14. Action Hank

    Freebies: Extra Games And Guest Passes

    I've been wanting to try Enemy Unknown for quite a while if it's still available.
  15. Action Hank

    Game Sales

    Awesome Gamefly sale, with the coupon you can get Bioshock Infinite for about 10.87 and Brave New World under 10 bucks. 2K Daily Flash Sales - Free Copy of Mafia II with Purchase (coupon sent within 10 days of purchase) 9/16 to 9/17 Bioshock Infinite $13.59 9/17 to 9/18 Borderlands 2 $9.99 9/19 to 9/19 Civilization V: Gold Edition $16.99 9/19 to 9/20 Borderlands GOTY $5.99 9/20 to 9/21 Spec Ops: The Line $5.99 9/21 to 9/22 XCOM: Enemy Unknown $13.59 9/22 to 9/23 Civilization V: Brave New World $9.99