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  1. Muscle Milk and Scout's VA did a video together? Just saw that recently. It's a real good time.
  2. They also forgot the bonezone in the menus which will probably get patched in for a future edition. Speaking of which, that was the first time I actually played an Undertale related thing. Yes, I haven't even played the base game. I watched all the things about it, and frankly, I'm pretty okay with that result. Three tries.
  3. Thanks for fighting streets, Hat. Ended up learned a whole bunch of shit quickly while getting bodied. Also, repeated neutral jumping light kicks are the most confusing and infuriating thing in online play. Also, FANG's V-Reversal.
  4. Freejack is ded. Been ded. But its soundtrack is still pretty baller. And also totally steals takes inspiration from Jet Set Radio sometimes. Not a bad thing.
  5. You know, I actually kinda dig it. It's pretty alright. From that and the one clip that I saw, I think this reboot's gonna be one of the good ones. Not like the Dexter's Lab reboot.
  6. Yeah, nah, that can be hacking as well. Especially as a "totally can't hack" class like Soldier if he uses the Direct Hit. The fun part is that I use the DH all the fucking time, so I jump rockets. Is fun.
  7. Overwatch has cool costumes. I wish I was in the beta. I wish I had the cool costumes.
  8. TF2's been modifying cosmetics to be put on multiple classes recently. For example, Scout can wear the Frenchman's Florals now. He's got a fancy tux and it looks dumb. I like their idea.
  9. So my family recently got Hulu. I found out there was an anime section. Lo and behold, all of the old shows I watched back on Toonami were there. Except one. Outlaw Star wasn't there. Terrible service. 0/10
  10. Oh damn, Sven Co-op is on Steam now. For free. That shit was like G-Mod before G-Mod was a thing, AND on the original Half-Life engine. I remember wasting weeks on that mod.
  11. Now you just gotta be the prime age of about 27,100.
  12. Lower back pain is awful, kids. I can't even go to sleep. Drink your milk, don't fuck up.
  13. Apparently, you can now shoot arrows while you're airborne. Can't wait for those 360 bowscopes.
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