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  1. Muscle Milk and Scout's VA did a video together? Just saw that recently. It's a real good time.
  2. They also forgot the bonezone in the menus which will probably get patched in for a future edition. Speaking of which, that was the first time I actually played an Undertale related thing. Yes, I haven't even played the base game. I watched all the things about it, and frankly, I'm pretty okay with that result. Three tries.
  3. Freejack is ded. Been ded. But its soundtrack is still pretty baller. And also totally steals takes inspiration from Jet Set Radio sometimes. Not a bad thing.
  4. You know, I actually kinda dig it. It's pretty alright. From that and the one clip that I saw, I think this reboot's gonna be one of the good ones. Not like the Dexter's Lab reboot.
  5. Yeah, nah, that can be hacking as well. Especially as a "totally can't hack" class like Soldier if he uses the Direct Hit. The fun part is that I use the DH all the fucking time, so I jump rockets. Is fun.
  6. Overwatch has cool costumes. I wish I was in the beta. I wish I had the cool costumes.
  7. TF2's been modifying cosmetics to be put on multiple classes recently. For example, Scout can wear the Frenchman's Florals now. He's got a fancy tux and it looks dumb. I like their idea.
  8. So my family recently got Hulu. I found out there was an anime section. Lo and behold, all of the old shows I watched back on Toonami were there. Except one. Outlaw Star wasn't there. Terrible service. 0/10
  9. Oh damn, Sven Co-op is on Steam now. For free. That shit was like G-Mod before G-Mod was a thing, AND on the original Half-Life engine. I remember wasting weeks on that mod.
  10. Now you just gotta be the prime age of about 27,100.
  11. Lower back pain is awful, kids. I can't even go to sleep. Drink your milk, don't fuck up.
  12. Apparently, you can now shoot arrows while you're airborne. Can't wait for those 360 bowscopes.
  13. You have put yourself through a lot of trouble by playing on that map.
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