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  1. Rat with a Rifle

    Guild Wars 2

    It probably has something to do with it not being instance based. Since each area in GW1 was basically any server on TF2 with its own map they could devote some servers to international. I'm going to assume that that's not feasible do to the way the land is structured in GW2. That said, I really don't know if that's how any of that worked but I feel it's reasonable at the very least.
  2. Rat with a Rifle

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Call me crazy but I think that's possible to do. Just not normal. Normally you'll have the lesser number first but I don't think it's a rule.
  3. Rat with a Rifle

    Tell Me About Yourself Mr. Knuckles

    Started singing along. *Everytime* they repeat the song I'd keep singing. Curse me for knowing the lyrics
  4. Rat with a Rifle

    February 14Th

    They really just need to make it an MMORPG. Just think about it. Oh and happy Valentines' Day
  5. Rat with a Rifle

    Ugh... Valentine's Day...

    I'll be working all day but I think I'll still enjoy the day. It's one day of the year where you can just be nice to people without needing a reason to be. That's it to me, at-least. Just a day to say "Happy *blank*day" to. I really like those days. Not sure why. And to those whom don't have anyone: Remember the Nom Family. No, we aren't immediate nor are we really anywhere near you but we all enjoy eachothers' time and like to see eachother happy. So, from (I believe) all of the Nom admins, I'd like to extend a happy Valentines' Day greeting to everyone and hope everyone who doesn't have an "official" Valentine has some fun with our family here!
  6. Rat with a Rifle

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    I suddenly have an intense urge to apologize to a-lot of people I play LoL with...
  7. Rat with a Rifle

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    There's something about the Heavy's face that just always makes me laugh...
  8. Rat with a Rifle

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    I guess I'm the odd-one out. I really like American Cheese. Maybe that's just because that's the only cheese I really ever ate when I was a kid. Then again, like Fat, I've only enjoyed Kraft.
  9. Rat with a Rifle

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    Incidentally, that actually wasn't intended to antagonize. Trust me when I say that if I really wanted to be a pain, I'd be quite more direct about it. Eh, I hold Bachman to the same degree I hold every other political candidate. None of them will get anything done and will say anything to get elected so I don't believe a word they say. And how you infer that I wanted to argue is beyond me. I made a sarcastic comment about the irony of what she said. By that I mean that what she said was stupid but, if you remove the "need", in most places that statement is actually fact. Because it was stupid and is true made it funny to me, hence me making the comment. On a side note: Never blow off four final projects 'til the last two days of school. Never a good idea.
  10. Rat with a Rifle

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    If it helps, it's true. They can get married if it's with the opposite gender :V
  11. Rat with a Rifle

    Smooth Kill

    ooooooh, well that would explain it. Thanks.
  12. Rat with a Rifle

    Smooth Kill

    Is that a recent game? I'm assuming it is based on the HUD but for some reason the graphics don't really look it to me.
  13. Rat with a Rifle

    The Universal Picture Thread!

    Just couldn't quite get 150% of the population to agree. Darn.
  14. Rat with a Rifle


    Myst plz