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  1. Shiba

    Fanime 2015

    Well I was going to go anyway, but OKAY! Early pre-reg, good sign.
  2. Shiba

    GamerGate and journalist corruption thread

    It's Chanel. So Felecia Day getting doxxed after posting her feeling sucks, even if I think it was kinda condescending and victim status-y. The thing is, no matter what "side" the guy was from, it really is just a troll feeding the fire, but my sjw friends will never admit to falling for it and just push it even harder. It just makes me... not with them. I shouldn't have used the F-word in my last post, because there's nothing to do with it at all. GG to me is about the misinformation implying and promoting gamers/my community/friends as aggressive woman haters. My idea of empowering and overcoming isn't "I need to be afraid because they have something I don't, they should be brought down so I can be better", I think "I can do anything they can, no matter what" I'm also just tired of using the full words: gamergate, feminist, and misogyny. Tired
  3. Shiba

    GamerGate and journalist corruption thread

    I've finally caught up on this topic after a handful of girl FB friends really went down the anti rabbit hole. I'm too busy playing games to be called an activist, but after this, I'm definitely not a modern feminist. I can't all stand the name calling and blaming they're posting about gamers/basically me. I want to say something to them when I find the words. You know my minority credentials. I'm a passive supporter. #notyourshield
  4. Shiba

    Happy Birthday Shiba!

    Thanks you guys ;w;
  5. Shiba

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Just got home from riding my new bike to the grocery, and going shopping while it was locked outside, for the first time. I was so nervous, I think I was only in for like 10 minutes. But everything was okay, it's an "I can do this" feeling. No more bus/train fare around town for me. I think I'll go to Joanns this weekend :3
  6. Shiba

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Dumb ways to Die (the app game) is really fucking hard
  7. Shiba

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Finally got onto the FF14 server I wanted! ...but tonight is cooking and anime night... welp.
  8. Shiba

    New Tf2 Comic

  9. Shiba

    RL Pics

    Mugi is exactly as I imagined...
  10. Shiba

    Happy Birthday M31

  11. Shiba

    The Food Porn Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSjHS95KcB4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsMbejGza3g
  12. Shiba

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Went to a craft store for the first time since I moved and didn't go too crazy. Also bought that Pikachu pedometer pet I've wanted for so long, and for like half the price I see normally, hell yeah.
  13. Shiba

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Watched the debut of RWBY at work, then saw Pacific Rim and dined with friends. I'm home at midnight, but it was a good day. oh, and I made it to the second round of model picking for the Jpop Summit fashion show! yay :3
  14. Shiba

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Waiting for my roommate to get home, so we can watch Free! I... I think I like this show...