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  1. Probably already suggested.....but still, I thought of nom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itvJybdcYbI&feature=related
  2. I actually got a little teary eyed reading that
  3. TLR and Liquid Both interesting to watch as always
  4. I never asked for this Soldier Update confirmed
  5. Airblast Jarate Milk Bleed Competence Dead Ringer is by far the easiest watch to counter, you can see and track the Spy's movements pretty much all the time. He's very predictable.
  6. All I can say about the Knife is that it could prob use a full tweaks. The concept is good, but it needs some improvement to make it fair. But, idk, I have to be honest, this is kinda justified. With the addition of things like Jarate, the Homewrecker, the Bushwacka, Bleeding, Milk, Spies have gotten a whole slew of counters added. It's nice to finally get something Spies can use to deal with their counter class, and at a reasonable downside too. You don't really die from fire anymore, but you're still unable to backstab people for a certain period of time. So technically Pyros can still mess with the Spy's game to some degree. I think the Spy Cicle could use some slight nerfing, but I also think people need to learn how to deal with Spies WITHOUT having to resort to Pyro. If you play the class just so you can deal with Spies, you're a disgrace. Period, everyone should be Spy Checking, not just one class. Check your backs, coordinate, call things out. Stop getting up in arms when Spy gets new toys that everyone else has been getting for months now. Stuff like the Enforcer and Spy Cicle were bound to be added eventually. And while I would like them to be tweaked a bit in the interest of keeping with the Spy's Class design, I still think that they serve some purpose. It's rather unfair that Spies get all the hate when they've getting screwed over ever since the Axetinguisher and Backburner were added to the game.
  7. 40? Maybe 50? Too much I think Right now we have 10 airblasts on the Flamethrower and 4 on the Backburner, the Degreaser should be right in the middle. I'd say 35 ammo for airblasts on the Degreaser should do the trick. Albeit, I expect the Spy to get buffs soon as well. The thing about these sort of changes is that it has a domino effect on the other classes. Chances are the Spy and Engineer will likely be buffed somehow in the next 16 months.
  8. It's not the only way to play it, but it's certainly more helpful to your team and lot more reliable.
  9. If Valve wants to make a weapon designed for classic Pyro, they probably will with the next big update. But it's pretty clear Valve wants the Backburner to be used for Ambushing, not W+M1.
  10. Why not just make it whole seperate unlock and leave the Backburner to be the Ambush weapon? For instance The Afterburner +15 Damage +20% Burn Damage No Airblast Valve could use this model for it for instance
  11. I get the feeling Valve plans to increase the crit angle on the Backburner. Right now it's 90 degrees, maybe they plan to change it to something like 160 and nerf the damage it does so it does amazing damage from behind, and less from the front. I say do it, because it seems a lot of people have no fucking clue how to play Pyro. If they made each flamer have distinct role, it'd help balance out the class a lot more. As for people bitching about the Dead Ringer.....you have afterburn, Jarate, Milk, Bleed, Airblast, all kinds of various things you can use to counter it. Man the fuck up and learn some basic anti Spy tactics. How the fuck do you think Spies feel that the Pyro can not only ruin their day with one single particle from their flamethrower, but destroy their sappers too. Destroying all of their hard work in the process. Or how about Snipers? We used to be their main counter class, now they have the Razorback, Jarate, the Bushwacka, and the Shiv, each of which can be used effectively to counter Spies. If any class has room to bitch it's Spy, Pyros are just mad because Valve is forcing them to actually work for their kills like everyone else. Stop W+M1 ing and learn to Airblast, Ambush, and use all the tools at your disposal. You're no different from the rest of us, learn to fucking play, and expect a whole lot more nerfs and buffs to come your way. Particularly the Degreaser and Axetinguisher.
  12. So I took the liberty of setting up a poll to see what the community wants to see in TF2. I would like you all to vote and send this poll to everyone you know that plays TF2. I want Valve to see just exactly what the people want, in the hopes that they'll deliver. So, get to voting http://micropoll.com/t/KEwREZCI6L And remember, spread this poll everywhere, to every TF2 forum you possibly can. This is our chance to speak as a whole, not just one individual community.
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