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  1. Zets my e-dick is incomprehensibly huge, there's just no competition. We're all so jealous
  2. Shounic


    Sandvich replacement as turkey?
  3. Bigger monitor, a working mic, l4d2, dsi-ll, borderlands Anyone of them, but mainly the first two.
  4. Hm.... Well, i think one way is just to listen to music etc.
  5. Holy shit that's amazing.
  6. EPIC. This map is of epic proportions. The only map i've been amazed of this much.
  7. You should get a zip file up. It'd be like, maps cannnot be downloaded from fpsbanana and only from the server.
  8. would it be a legit thing for non-administrators to report these doings when the admin isn't around?
  9. Oh Itch, I'll never forget the man that made it all happen~ asdfasdgadfa j/k j/k OH GAWD. SO DRAMATIC. But anyways, wow. Great job.
  10. Shounic


    So.... is me calling hax every time someone kills me with surprisingly high amount of skill - need to stop?
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