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  1. The argument about pokemon type logic is silly, but I get why people bring it up. I hate how there's just enough sense to make it seem they they would all make sense, but sometimes there is just nothing there to make sense. I still don't know why Ice is Not Effective against Water. Water should be resisting Ice, and Ice at least being normally effective, if not super effective against water. Similar to how Ground is Super Effective to Rock because Rocks are molded and shaped by Ground. Ice is made of water and could potentially freeze and shape water. I understand that an accepted Fighting training regimen is breaking Rocks with your limbs. Feasible Fighting strength can break Rocks and Ice, but I'm still not buying how it can be super effective against Steel. It should be, at most. effective. Break a brick? Makes sense. Punch a Steel door? Well maybe you'd dent it, but you're not feasibly wrecking it. On the topic of Steel, I understand that Steel is harder than Ice, and with blunt force, should be able to shatter it. However, this completely discounts the fact that Metals (Steel) become extremely brittle in low temperatures. Steel should not be resisting Ice, and wouldn't be too unreasonable to be weak to it. I'd appreciate Poison be Super Effective against Fighting types, which are almost all humanoid-shapes (exceptions exist) and primarily organic, which should be crippled by Poison. However, under this logic, Poison would be super effective against Normal types, which is already pitiful. Pokemon - Making sense since 1999
  2. Hesitant to admit I recognize Windows 7-tan , at 0:06 in the beginning.
  3. Virgil sent out Zygarde and Mewtwo! I need to stop doing free battles.
  4. Found a shiny geodude in a group. Unlike the other situation i've heard, this one didn't get killed by the other geodudes. It's got a careful nature + sturdy, so I guess it's not the worst thing either, but Golem just seems like it has so many weaknesses to use in real play. Fought 3 people in a row that used a party of Mewtwo, Xerneas, Blaziken (Speed Boost), and Lucario. Each with a varying mega-evolution.
  5. The battle institute doubles are actually challenging, and employ some tactics I wouldn't expect out of NPCs. Like sending out a Mismaigus, using perish song and mean look, and the partner baton passes out a swords dance. The 4th battle sent out a Rhyperior & Spiritomb of all things, after having an ursaring taunt my cleric Audino & fling a toxic orb at it. They're actually a bit more fun than real online opponents that only send out their version legendaries and mega-evolved starters :/
  6. My apologies for the delayed reply. I 'm working on getting that power right now. Just trying to grind a bit more style. Can't for the life of me find a Buneary or Meowth though, and there are literally none on the GTS right now Oh and I just flung my eviolite away. oops.
  7. About 10 tired convention attendees all pretty drunk in a hotel suite on the closing night binge watching this entire series. Go nom.
  8. The egg hatching powers were much appreciated. Paired with my larvesta's flame body, hatching eggs was a breeze. Still took a while to get a snorlax with the nature i wanted for some reason... I just recently got a japanese audino from wonder trade, and I'm shooting for a shiny one w/ masuda method. If you've got spare power tonight, I'd definitely put it to good use.
  9. Anyone seen a Buneary? I'm looking for one. I've been to about 7-8 Normal Friend Safari's with no luck.
  10. I audibly said "no" about three times during that.
  11. The cheaper swimsuits appear to be unremovable from your inventory, just a heads up if you bought all the colors like I did. I am level 34 on my WHM, but I played with marauder for about 21 levels, so I haven't been totally focused. Level 28 on my weaver as well. I am extremely nervous about doing titan, because in brayflox runs, I've been having problems with MP conservation. I know when to heal, I know I don't have to keep everyone at 100%, and I know to not use Cure II unless emergencies or getting a freecure, but somehow the tank I end up with just takes so much damage that if I'm not spamming heal as fast as I can, he will undoubtedly die. My FC is rarely active, and even if they are, most of them are WHMs like I am. Can't wait for server transfers (I'm on cactuar) so I can play with people that I actually know.
  12. Zetsubou

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    yay! let's get carded for going to bars and not actually drinking
  13. these mega evolutions are getting out of hand
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