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  1. So happy we switched to Bomgar years ago.
  2. I got to play it at PAX The game is hilarious and fun, the closest thing I can think of is a mix between fire emblems rock/paper/scissor style combat and final fantasy tactics.
  3. I say we try and do it at PAX prime
  4. When Tumblr gets serious the feeling is more akin to dry heaving in terms of degrees of laughter. Triggers are my trigger.
  5. I actually ended up buying some tickets to it this year and gonna be meeting up with some old classmates!
  6. Welp I just finished the original Evangelion series Is it worth it to see the newer movies? Also Makes so much sense now
  7. RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! For those who were sitting on the sidelines or wondering if they should play now would be a great time! Hossin is released which is a swamp themed continent!
  8. Panda-Dog

    Dark Souls 2

    Honestly maybe its my own play style but I found the dual wielder's damage output to much higher than the hexes. Both in PVP and in PVE, but also you have more mobility and can wear some heavier gear usually.
  9. Panda-Dog

    Dark Souls 2

    I've ran through NG+ on two characters at the moment My first one being a hexxer and my second being a dual wielder When it comes to PVP I usually just play the hexxer with the Moonlight Greatsword and go to town that way.
  10. This, the issue with Nintendo buying out Capcom's IPs is while yes they would have incredible series under their belt. They have had plenty of other 'mature' IPs which have been shelved for years (Think of Metroid) Everyone would board the EA hate train but if I want to see games like Mega Man and Resident Evil come out with some newer games.
  11. Its always so weird from going from multiple monitors to a single monitor :|
  12. Panda-Dog

    E3 2014

    Ninja job reveal for FFXIV which I was really excited about
  13. Panda-Dog

    E3 2014

    I'm happy on the 10th they will be revealing the 2 new classes in Final Fantasy 14, I also wanna see the new Dragon Age Inquisition stuff Hopefully this E3 will be awesome
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand its sold out
  15. I got a spare pass for Sunday/Monday so i'll be going this year!
  16. That is a really good critique. I am in the same boat as the reviewer as I played from the launch of demon souls unto dark souls 2 today. The thing I did notice is that the original director for both demon souls and dark souls was very hesitant about doing Dark Souls 2 for some of the reasons of scope creep that occurs. For the multiple enemy boss fights they did not make sense, when I did my first clear of the game (In roughly about 20 hours after the release) I felt an unusual spike in difficulty at the start of the game and then a complete base line of easy bosses afterwards. Mostly the 3 ruin sentinels and then the 5-6(?) gargoyles felt incredibly unfair for a player who did not resort to summoning allies. The game is not as good as the predecessors but still an incredible game over all.
  17. Man I remember back in high school they opened one of these and it was popular for a year but eventually got beat out by companies like Doughboys and small town donuts and as such it closed only after it had its year anniversary for being there (In like a week of it). Now the closest one is like 100 miles away now
  18. This seems great! But for D&D esque games I would still use https://app.roll20.net/home for it.
  19. But in reality pineapple is wonderful on most things, I prefer it in curry or in salsa though.
  20. I will say that 500W is doable for that computer, but I would spring for at least a 600W psu just in case you wish to put more stuff in the PC. Also make sure you look at the dimensions of your tower compared to your mobo and gpu
  21. http://www.logicalincrements.com/ Find your budget and then buy the parts and build it
  22. For our reserved slot plugin it will never kick a player for a reserved slot. That was against Ratty's philosophy when it comes to playing TF2 so I doubt we would disqualified for our reserved slot system since it never kicks a player to make room for a reserved slot.
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