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  1. Milk™

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    #1 on my list of things I want on my tombstone when I die: "... but no seriously, how do you use the three seashells?"
  2. Milk™

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    I just wanna tell you all: good luck. We're all counting on you. *walks out of the cockpit*
  3. Milk™

    Watch Your Step In Here, I Spilled Some Beans

    Sounds like you got everything buttoned down and a refresh like this keeps things interesting. I doubt you need any help with the migration, but I'm always available to assist with php/IPboard/html5 etc. Just holler!
  4. Milk™

    Happy Birthday M31

    Happy Birthday!!!
  5. Milk™

    It's Time To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag.

    Good to hear! Been wanting to get in on some Nom action.
  6. It amazes how much of a pain in the ass Ethiopia can be... especially in the Africa Scenario. I feel you, good sir.
  7. Milk™

    The Food Porn Thread

  8. Milk™

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Yeah, I'm more than a little ashamed of how much I miss my internetz when I'm away from it for too long. Welcome back to the digi-scape. ;-P
  9. Milk™

    Happy Birthday Ager.

    Happy birthday indeed. Best wishes for a great you day and many more to come! :-)
  10. Milk™

    Tfg - Need Help With Php Code

    Not that you need more convincing at this point but I also want to express my enthusiasm for stack overflow as well as code academy. I've had nothing but good luck with both when I have code questions.
  11. Milk™

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Oh no! Hang in there! Hope you get your power back soon.
  12. Milk™

    Steam Summer Getaway Sale 2013

    Excited to see what the encore sale has to offer. I know I cleaned house on a lot of games I have been wanting. I held off on Assassin's Creed III but Borderlands 2 is still up in the air for me at the moment.
  13. Milk™

    Hello Again, Nomrades!

    Likely the reason why some of you don't remember me is because I was playing during Hawaii Standard Time which depending on where you live state-side, could range from a 3-6 hour time difference and if you lived in another country, yeah... you hardly saw me. To give you perspective, Stratos and I would be on at the same time a lot. lol
  14. Milk™

    Hello Again, Nomrades!

    It's really good to see you all again my friends. Thank you for the warm reception!
  15. Milk™

    Hello Again, Nomrades!

    EMBRACES YOU AS STARS FLY AROUND OUR BODIES IN SLOW MOTION Err... yes, I do seem to recall this. It's very nice to see you. *chortle*