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  1. Sammich

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Are games that can be speedran fast considered bad now? Darn, remind me not to play super mario brothers again.
  2. Why is it that whenever I have a conversation with one of my friends, it seems that i have to be the one to engage in conversation? And why does it seem like I'm talking 10 times more then they are? Oh wait, I know why, because nobody actually likes me, and they're just too polite to tell me to my face. And I talk more, because I'm an annoying loudmouth who gets overly excited about stupid shit.
  3. Trolls and drama have made me mad enough to stop streaming completely. It's always fun when something you love to do gets ruined by the lovely hell hole that is the internet.
  4. First rant: Common Sense isn't nearly common enough. Second rant: Speedrun websites have more drama then any other website I have ever seen in my entire life.
  5. Sammich

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Sometime between when I checked a few weeks ago and yesterday, the Collector's Edition of Tales of Xillia got re-added to gamestop.com. I've never been so happy that I'm going to get a game much later then when it actually comes out. I was so sad when I went to preorder it in may and it was already sold out, now I'm so psyched.
  6. Sammich

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Caved and bought Magic 2014 on steam. How dare I have to pay 10 dollars for a game that will probably give me 30-40+ hours of entertainment.
  7. I have someone complaining that i banned him from my twitch chat for linking a fake porn site (Pen island). If you're going to be stupid enough to actually attempt to get banned, you deserve to be banned.
  8. Sammich

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    So my house almost blew up. Left one of my stove's burners on overnight, woke up and the house was filled with gas. I'm surprised neither me nor my cat died from some kind of gas poisoning.
  9. Sammich

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    Streaming for 24 hours is physically and mentally exhausting.
  10. This sounds very similar to someone else I know's rant on twitter. Do you lead a double life?
  11. Sammich

    ...and It Made Me Smile

    Just completed my first Randomized Nuzlocke on Pokemon Heartgold. I may have beat Red with my LickyLicky, but my Registeel was MVP. The dude got me through the Elite 4 when I had all but given up, and then got me far enough through Kanto to catch the Snorlax(Electrode) and Lugia(LickyLicky)
  12. Sammich

    What If...

    I'd probably get bored with even food I love after a few months, so 5 Guys so that I can die of a heart attack within like 2 weeks.
  13. Sammich

    Official Pokémon Thread

    Gligar/Gliscor and Landorus are both Flying/Ground already.
  14. Sammich

    How Did You Find The Nom Sever, What Made You Stay?

    Can't say I even remember how I found it, but stayed for the awesome community and good variety of skill levels. I improved so much more playing on nom then with people who are much better/worse then I am on other servers. (even though I haven't played in months :X)