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  1. Got my public exam results today. Oh good, I can't get into any course I want because I failed my Chinese. Of course this is important even if your course has absolutely nothing to do with Chinese. Doesn't even matter if you managed to get the highest grade possible in English. Guess the only thing I can do now is to contact some professors in university and hope against hope.
  2. So I tried it. Ended up in Hong Kong. ...guess I already won?
  3. Funny thing, I actually typed something similiar to this up on Plurk, but about my Dreamwidth username. Anyway. https-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewGbGpEp-dM Decided to stick to a name since I've been floating around local servers with no stable username. NecroFantasy later became 'Necro' when I wanted to keep it short and sweet That's it. it's still better than NecroFantasia shut up Even if I still keep constantly names- I still try to keep 'Necro' in there somewhere though. Or related to it anyway. (See: calling myself 'Neko' for a bit because I was addicted to milk- I was literally drinking a carton of one litre milk every day at work) About my current steam name: 'Intense Showtime' sounds like a incredibly badass move name so... yeah.
  4. Well okay, here's the deal. I seriously just want to complete my TF2 card set at least once, just to try my luck. To that end, I need: one (1) Sniper card one (1) Soldier card Since I can't use the market right now, I have a load of spare dupe cards my friend unloaded on me because he isn't interested in all this. What I have to offer: one (1) Demo card three (3) Engie cards two (2) Scout cards two (2) Heavy cards Anything that you might find interesting in my backpack pages 2-6 After all this I might be on the lookout for Faerie Solitare, FTL and Dota 2 cards too, but one step at a time.
  5. Got my first tip today. Feels really special, since tipping is a mythical thing in HK, especially if you're working as, say, a minor retail assistant.
  6. I'm going to be unoriginal and rename the Shred Alert to Monday Night Metal.
  7. Oh wow, I actually won the thing I wanted the most. Thanks, and again, happy birthday~!
  8. Thanks for the wishes, guys. Just buried him in a park nearby. Funny how a death of a pet brings things into perspective.
  9. Our 15 - 16 year old chinchilla died. He had a comfortable, long life. R.I.P. Tobias.
  10. Whoo, happy birthday Scy~
  11. Happy birthday, Ducky, and thanks for the raffle~
  12. Christ. Usually I don't really wish misfortune on other people, even if they deserve it, but... Wow. There literally is no other way to describe these monsters.
  13. Bought for the HL2 via Orange Box, stayed for the TF2 send help pls
  14. I think I busted a lung laughing. And I discovered what a horrible person I am through this.
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