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  1. Good to see everyone again, I look forward to seeing you all at our next biannual forum thread
  2. I would work on my school papers at work but they block pretty much every website on the network. They do give employees free access to skillsoft, so maybe I'll look at some of that shit. It's a shame 'cause I like the work atmosphere/environment, and they give me a lot of flexibility with work hours (let me come in whenever, have lunch whenever, leave early if work is done), but, uh, I've been doing nothing for 3 weeks now
  3. Before getting hired "I wanna work" After getting hired "I wanna work" Give me something to dooooooooo
  4. Watched 8 episodes of Re:Zero with some friends. I've been told it's popular, but I think it just isn't for me. Some episodes are literally the same thing as the previous one, with a boring reveal at the end. Spend an entire day meeting new characters, die at the end of the episode. Next episode, spend an entire day re-meeting characters, die at the end of the episode in a different way. Act surprised when the characters don't remember things even though the premise is dead easy to follow and has occurred multiple times already. The characters are all super generic too, although maybe that's the point? Like, they point out all these tropes and cliches in the writing but don't do anything to set them apart from any other generic anime character. I feel like by episode 8, the show should have gone somewhere, but so much of it has just been repeating the same scenes because the protagonist refuses to learn anything, that I feel like all the main plot points could have been covered in 2 or 3 episodes instead.
  5. If you're willing to buy a microphone and headphones seperately, Superlux's HD668 is what I've been using for the past year. You can replace the ear cushions with some more comfortable ones if you're willing to spend the money, but for the most part, they've been fine for me even with extended use. I've been using it with a modmic, though it's a bit expensive. You can probably get the headset and a microphone for under $60 depending on what microphone you buy with it.
  6. I picked team heavy 'cause I think heavy is super boring and maybe new weapons will make him less boring to me? Honestly I just want new weapons, I don't even care for who
  7. I got around to watching Mirai Nikki over the weekend, god damn those characters bored me
  8. Amazon.ca has a bunch of games (mostly for pre-order) at 20% off. Includes Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon S&M, Zelda WiiU, PS3 Persona 5. If you're thinking of getting any of them, you can order them now at the reduced price and cancel them later if you change your mind
  9. Is it not 60/120/180 experience from bronze/silver/gold?
  10. Having a good time playing video games with friends but then they invite their other friends that are the type of guy that just complain about everything all the time and suddenly shit's ass
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