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  1. ☆VideoG☆

    Ignore This Post

    This was here, but it got traded.
  2. ☆VideoG☆

    Valve's Dead Ringer Favoritism

    I honestly don't care about doing my class credit, as long as I can be credit to team. If it helps my team, and I can use it, I'm not above using "overpowered" weapons. Seems quite overpowered. Needs a puff of smoke or something, so people know you were there. Like ninjas.
  3. ☆VideoG☆

    Unkown15 Pro Sniper

    Pendulum. Always Pendulum.
  4. ☆VideoG☆

    Unkown15 Pro Sniper

    General video making tip: Try to combine the original audio with the music. I couldn't tell when you actually shot (didn't help that you missed a lot). Interesting music choice thar. Skateboarding music doesn't really fit here, though, even ironically. Also, you missed a kill count at the end there.
  5. ☆VideoG☆

    Valve's Dead Ringer Favoritism

    Sure, I'll say that the damage reduction is pretty bad. I'll give you that. However, if you're not using the Saharan Spy set, the decloak sound is still insanely loud. Also, you can't use it when the bar is even just a sliver from full, it has to be full. That's an advantage the other watches have. Also, without the damage reduction, the Kunai would be near-unusable. Get spotted, and die instantly.
  6. ☆VideoG☆

    Brink Is Free Till Sunday

    So I tried Brink. It wasn't that good. The one "campaign" match I played seemed to be filled with players who had less of an idea of what was going on than I did. On top of that, I don't like "uniform army" games, where everyone has more or less the same guns, with little customization options. That's why I like TF2, with its nine different classes and playstyle options. I came into Brink expecting somewhat the same, since it said it had classes. Instead, I get people who have the exact same guns all the time, with more available for unlock by playing challenges. I support TF2's method of giving you more weapons by playing the regular game (random or not), even if it is farmable. But here, I'm not sure what the regular game is. It also seemed like it was competing with TF2 in some ways. Hats? We got entire outfits up in this place. On top of that, it ran like crap on my computer, even with a config. It had nice gimmicks, but I didn't like it as a whole that much.
  7. ☆VideoG☆

    A Detailed Examination Of Tf2

    Just so we can have a row of Phos clones quoting the same thing. There's a link to an improved sound version in the video annotations.
  8. ☆VideoG☆

    Tf2Update Aug3

    Shoot, should've waited. WHO CARES, I GOT A PIPBOY
  9. ☆VideoG☆

    To The Batmobile!

  10. ☆VideoG☆

    Funny chat logs

    I played it in school once. Basically, there are X amount of cops, X amount of Mafia, and the rest are regular citizens. The Mafia kill a person/people each turn, and then the rest of the people try to kill the Mafia by putting it to a vote of who to kill. The Cop(s) can perform a sort of "background check," I believe (not sure what to call it in-universe), to reveal to them who is Mafia. However, the cops are undercover, because the Mafia will try to kill them if they know they're a cop. So if you claim cop, the people will likely be on your side, but the Mafia will try and kill you. I'm not sure how either side wins. My class always played until all Mafia were killed. I'm also intrigued on where you guys are playing this. EDIT: Apparently, it's called Epicmafia.
  11. ☆VideoG☆

    Care To Help Donate?

    An organization completely dedicated to donator benefits? I'll pass. It may make things funner for the payers, but it just isn't fair for everyone else. I bought the game, I don't want to pay more for "more fun." Or am I reading this wrong? It sounds a lot like donator benefits.
  12. ☆VideoG☆

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    It's possible. I get similar issues occasionally.
  13. ☆VideoG☆

    Friendship Is Magic (The Mlp Thread)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grU8PPKP1Uk I love these.
  14. ☆VideoG☆

    Tf2 Update Aug. 2

    Everyone who activated it before August 1st gets genuine, too. SPUF Thread