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  1. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    I caved, and bought her the moment I saw her in the store. I love it, so much better then x-mas sona. I just wish there was +damage and + movement for your teammates
  2. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    If someone can get me the pax sona skin, I'll love them forever
  3. Not sure if this beta key still works but 1000 people can use it (publicly posted) Beta Key: 5RCN-3JUK-ANRN-AA47 Third world just opened and most peoples player protection is over on the 7th. I've had some fun so far and with the alliance I'm at, its going to be even more fun coming after the 7th
  4. NinjaOps13

    Come On And Slam

    There's a bunch of these videos, I saw this one on /r anime a week ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRiNCdqpwzc
  5. NinjaOps13

    Saints Row The Third

    I played for about 6 hours, I'm glad I was borrowing it from my brother. It just felt, the same. I loved Saints Row 1 and 2 but the third just didn't "wow" me. Sure, it had new mini games and a new city but it still felt old to me. The gun fights were different for like 5 minutes but its all just "aim for the head with my maxed out pistols". I felt like after I finished dragon age: Origins -awakening, disappointed
  6. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

  7. NinjaOps13

    Dota 2

    *Dusts off the thread* So anyone have a nice beta test to share?
  8. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    They thought I was trolling when I said I was going to be the tank, but I proved them wrong
  9. NinjaOps13

    Steam Halloween Sale 2011

    *only has 12.06 in bank account* Bioshock 2 for 5 dollars? Must get. I'll be soon getting my first check from rigging for the band Kansas anyway
  10. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    Lately the only troubles I've been getting is people never connecting to the champ selection. Each time it happens its a minute and a half out the window. I had it happen so many times that my record is 10 straight que's that someone didn't connect. And it seems with the current meta game of "Just play the champs with the longest reach and/or has stuns" I haven't been doing well lately. it doesn't help that my teamates have been dumb as rocks lately either.
  11. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    As a level 30 at nearly 600 wins, I'd say he's not that popular anymore. For about 200 games straight I didn't see him at all. Even after that I only see him once in a blue moon. But don't get me wrong, they can be REALLY good with him but even the good ones have to throw themselves at the other team, killing 3 of them maybe. His ult is to either to be feared or to be brushed off with. You just have to figure out with your main champs how you are going to counter an ult like his. For any ad champ, hexdrinker is a hell yes to when against karth. As it either neutralizes it or will take out about half of its damage.
  12. NinjaOps13

    The Avengers

    I watched the cartoon of this over the summer so I'm already kinda disapointed that wasp or that guy that can shrink stuff isn't in it (as far as I can tell). But then again Wasp was just the cute comic relief a lot anyway
  13. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    I don't know about weakness but with him and me(as sona), there were no survivors. So easy to bait people with him, low health and they jump, I heal him while he stuns them instantly.
  14. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    Hybrid teemo, seeing that there was a lot of ad champs, had 3k of gold the second time I went back to base and thought "why not?" and bought the stuff for a gun blade. The cutlass's active saved me and a team mate before they surrendered. I guess he was like "well I hit minions perfectly fine, I'll heal with that" seeing that I was harassing him up the wazoo
  15. NinjaOps13

    League Of Legends

    I don't trash talk much in lol (almost not at all) but when a karthus can only hit me 1/10 times with his spammable q. Its sad. Plus for every q he did I q'ed back and also with a few auto attacks XD +24ap, + 8.5ad, starting runes ftw