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  1. Phantom Trout

    End of the Line Update

    Boy, that was a lot of buildup for a poster and shirt. Good short though.
  2. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    I hate how when you're upgrading any part of your system, you have to wade through all of the ignorant bleeding edge elitists to find any actual testimonials. "AMD Radeon 7950? It's good if you're looking to play Runescape I guess." "3.6 GhZ quad core? I hope you're only trying to check your E-mail on that piece of junk."
  3. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    Goddamn, I am so sick and tired of seeing everybody on Tumblr think they're all revolutionaries because they copy and paste the same Kony 2012 informational brochure. And while I'm on the topic, I think the Tumblr social justice crowd needs to cool it as well. Just a bunch of people who think being offended makes it a personal affront to them. You know what? Being offended is part of life. Learning to get over it and become bigger than it is part of growing up. When you try to raise an army to squash every single thing that might possibly have a chance of offending someone in some far off corner of the globe, you're not making a utopia, you're just recreating the Victorian ages. And when you get right down to it, isn't threatening to destroy bigots and fascists with hate and violence any better than the problems you're addressing? Don't get me wrong, I consider myself very liberal. But in my mind, I consider social justice people as nothing more than a left-wing hate group. If you face every problem you're encountered with hive mentality vitriol, can you be called anything less?
  4. Phantom Trout

    Animal Crossing : New Leaf

    Could you add me Yaya? 5000-2568-2141
  5. Phantom Trout

    Among The Sleep

    The game's been fully funded, with Oculus Rift support and junk! And to celebrate, they released a playable alpha: PC Mac and of course, Linux.
  6. Phantom Trout

    Post Your Random Thoughts

    I feel like I'm just a huge downer to the people around me.
  7. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    I am getting so sick of customers who come in, and when the machine rejects their cards, or doesn't show their discount, then they assume it's just me being incompetent. No, it couldn't be the shitty machines we use that run on Windows 2000. It must be because I'm an inbred corn baby with too much water in my brain. Guys, listen. Next time you're at the store, and it's taking a little bit longer than usual, just be patient. You know who wants to be there even less than you? The guy helping you with what you're buying. Retail, man. Edit: Something else on the retail subject while I'm talking about it. Just because someone's working retail doesn't mean that they're too stupid for anything else. It just means that they need money to do the thing they really want to do. Not everybody has parents who pay their college and living costs for 5 years after they leave their home.
  8. Phantom Trout

    Umc Map Voting - Give Us Your Feedback!

    I actually kind of prefer this more. Having the mapcycle be the stand-by if no majority vote can be made, and the crowd in the server deciding the maps every (or every other) switch. It's always a shame when the server empties simply because there's a map that comes up that's largely unpopular. I can't wait to see this get fully implemented. Also having the type of game mode being voted on first is neat, instead of just a random smattering of choices. It lets you get an idea of what kind of mood the server's in.
  9. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    When did everyone turn into a bunch of passive aggressive little shit stains? "UNGH, I HAD A BAD DAY SO I'M GOING TO EXPECT YOU TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG, AND BE ANGRY WITH YOU WHEN YOU DON'T". Seriously? Is everyone a mind reader now? If you could grow some balls and actually talk out your issues, that'd be great.
  10. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    No one told me you weren't supposed to do that with a watermelon. I guess I ruined dinner again, right Mom? I guess it's okay for other people, just not me or my infection.
  11. Phantom Trout

    God Damn You Internet Nsfw?

  12. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    This. One of my worst habits is whining about a particular thing that annoys me, and make it seem like I'm insulting the person doing it. If you ever see me complaining about something, please remember it's about that mechanic, and not about you as a person.
  13. Phantom Trout

    Web Censorship Bill Approved

    This just set everything back by several months. You think that by attacking government sites it's going to get them to think twice? It'll have the exact opposite effect, it'll make them even more eager to pass this bill, thinking they can stem the flow of dangerous hackers. I'm confident this one act has single-handedly ruined all rapport we've made with people who were considering a stance on the bills. This doesn't make people against SOPA and PIPA seem like relatable underdogs. It makes them seem like hackers who are angry they can't pirate anymore. But you know, why use your head when you can prove how much of a super savvy hacker you are?
  14. Phantom Trout

    The Phlogistinator - A Clarification

    After using it for a couple of games, I can definitely agree with King. It's got the right idea, but as it stands now, it's simply too powerful. Either changing the crits into minicrits, or making you need to do more damage would help its balance considerably.
  15. Phantom Trout

    Post your rants here! (no rants about other people here)

    (Gunslinger Engie) Edit: I guess I should put a rant here. This isn't so much an angry one, as a bewildered observation. I've been using the quick play feature a lot on TF2, and I've been running into some very strange things. I see so many people doing a fine job of killing people, but running around like they're bots. I was playing goldrush on the first stage, and the cart was nearly capped until we ran into a sentry. Since none of the Soldiers we had were trying for it, I decided to go Demoman and blow it up. I finally kill it with a full minute for us to cap the cart, so I start pushing the cart up, and look around for support. Lo and behold, there was 85% of my team, up on the railings overlooking the cart. Just staring. When an enemy finally came by to get me off the cart, my teammates started firing down from the railing at him, but not before he got me. 20 seconds left, and they're still standing up there. I get back to the cart with about 5 seconds left, and I do one final desperate push. Alone. 3 Snipers, 2 Engineers, and a Soldier just giving me covering fire, but not actually getting on the cart. If you're going to lose anyway, is there really any issue with dying trying to complete the objective? Needless to say, we didn't win. I think when people rage about free to play people, they kind of don't understand what the problem is. It's not that they have absolutely no idea what they're doing, I'm sure almost all of them have played an FPS before. It's that they don't really understand the meta game behind TF2. Say what you want, but it is a large part of playing well. A lot of the people who've played for a long time think it goes without saying, but it's simply become second nature for them. That's why you see so many terrible Snipers and Spies. Those classes revolve almost entirely around meta gaming, rather than being able to shoot at what you're pointing at.