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  1. Interviewing the medic on Kritzkast :3
  2. AL!

    Why Hello~

    I was the pyro being torn apart, but I saved it becuase of the comical 'Help me!' at the end.
  3. AL!

    Why Hello~

    Thanks! Not sure, do you go by the name of Dr. Hax?
  4. AL!

    Why Hello~

    My apologies ;_;
  5. AL!

    Why Hello~

    http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgocUar4Vf0&hd=1 Hi guys, I know I haven't posted here since forever, but I made something and I just thought I'd share it with you guys (Might be tricky to see in some countries)
  6. Yeah, I swapped out the newer PSU with my old one and the issues stopped straight away. I'll have to Rma this new one then
  7. Update: After going through my camera of some pictures I took when building, the BIOS showed 12.43V on the +12V, which may explain the initial period without crahses.
  8. Out of the fans which are running, only one is plugged into my motherboard. SIW just reports the ones in the fan controller as 0 rpm, rather than disconnected :/
  9. (Better make this quick before this crashes again!) In the picture, should the 12V rail be that low? I recently moved to an i7 system, keeping my two 4870's. I also decided to buy a new PSu, a Corsair 850W TX, After originally having a 650W from the same series, which ran both cards fine. I was able to play with both cards for about 30 miuntes after setting up the system, but after I shut down, I can no longer, however, boot with two cards, and playing with one crahses after a short while. In the picture, should the 12V rail be that low? Hopefully I can just RMA the PSU and not the cards ;_; Do you think the 650Watt will be able to handle the system in the meantime if it is the power supply? Thanks in advance.
  10. Best over-the-top music ever :3
  11. I laughed far more than I should have.
  12. Best use of GeneShark's golden wrench. Sort of old:
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